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Days of December: Peace

When I thought about the word peace this morning, this song immediately popped into my head.

Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.
Let there be peace on earth
The peace that was meant to be.
With God as our Father
Brothers all are we.
Let me walk with my brother
In perfect harmony.

Let peace begin with me
Let this be the moment now.
With every step I take
Let this be my solemn vow.
To take each moment
And live each moment
With peace eternally.
Let there be peace on earth,
And let it begin with me.

Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.
Let there be peace on earth
The peace that was meant to be.
With God as our Father
Brothers all are we.
Let me walk with my brother
In perfect harmony.

Let peace begin with me
Let this be the moment now.
With every step I take
Let this be my solemn vow.
To take each moment
And live each moment
In peace eternally.
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.

This song was written by Vince Gill.
As I hummed it, letting the words run through my mind, I started to think about those words "And let it begin with me".

I started to feel bothered by them.  

Peace doesn't begin with me.   It doesn't.  It can play out through my actions and attitude, but it really doesn't begin with me.  It begins with God, from the very beginning of time.

Adam and Eve sinned, and God promised this, that even though there would forever be conflict between man and Satan, between man and God...that Satan might bruise our heels but we shall bruise his head.  Throughout scripture we can find references to how God will best Satan, and in Revelations we see that truth fully revealed.   So Satan HAS been beaten (it just hasn't been fully completed yet).   and I fear I am not saying this all correctly....so work more with my thoughts than my words.   If that makes sense.  :)

Will there truly be peace on earth until that final day?
No.  There can't be.  God promised in Genesis 2
I will put enmity between you and the woman,
    and between your offspring and her offspring;
he shall bruise your head,
    and you shall bruise his heel

So until one or the other is destroyed, there will be no peace.  Enmity means no peace.
BUT peace is still hoped for and longer for and sought after.
Peace can still be seen in small part in the things we say and do and how we live.
We don't have to fight and make war and what not.  
 Peace, can be seen and lived in part, and shows as if in a mirror dimly, what will come.

This post is part of my Days of December series, The others so far are:

Santa Based Christmas Books

Do you do Santa at your house?   There are many people who do, and if so...I have a couple of picture books that just might delight your children this Christmas season.
Santa, in the eyes of so many, is getting set to come to town.  Have you been naughty, have you been nice?   Excited children want to know... Santa where are you?

Does Santa really care?  Does Santa have the time he needs to bring everyone presents?

Today I have two books here that will help excited children answer their questions about Santa.
Santa's Sleigh is on it's way to my house is a hardcover book about an excited little girl who can hardly sleep because SANTA IS COMING to HER HOUSE.  Santa is coming.  Santa is coming!!!
Beautifully illustrated, with select easy to read lines if you want to read it with your children.  Lines like  HEY SANTA HEY SANTA!   In this book, all those questions children have about Santa are answered, and some additional ones are raised, like does Santa really have a motor on his sleigh?

It's actually a nice little book, the last part of it making me smile, as a sleepy child COMPLETELY misses out on seeing Santa as he becomes a broom, or a curtain or .....  For Santa lovers, this book will go over rather well.
Written by Eric James
Illustrated by Robert Dunn 
Published by: Sourcebooks
Size: 10.86 x 8.75 
32 pages
Ages 3-6 years 
Affiliate link, Amazon.com Santa's Sleigh Is on Its Way to My House: A Christmas Adventure

Presents Through the Window answers the question, what would Santa do if he's running out of time... afterall..all those presents must be delivered!   What would Santa do?  Even if he's an unusual helicopter riding, pink-suited Santa.

Santa has a great solution...he'll just look through the window, see who is there and toss a present through a window.   It's actually a book I think children would get a kick out of... potentially.  It could, depending on the child, raise fears that Santa MIGHT get it wrong too.

Santa is peeking through windows, that are interactive.   Do you see the cut out?
Some children might find it simply hilarious how many times Santa simply gets it wrong, and BADLY.  BUT by the end of the book it all works out.  Everyone has a present, and everyone is happy.  It's just a silly little book answering the question of what would Santa do if he was running too short on time and just needs those presents delivered.

Author: Taro Gomi
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Size: 9.43 x 8.91
36 pages
Ages 3-5

Affiliate Link: Amazon.com: Presents Through the Window: A Taro Gomi Christmas Book

Review: The Art of Beatrix Potter

Does the thought of Beatrix Potter and her books bring back good memories?   Do you love the art work that she did?   Wouldn't it be neat to watch a talent develop and see the progression in a famous series of books, as well as to see what else Miss Potter was interested in as an artist?

Well then... Have I got the book for you!!!  

I originally was going to put this book in my art series, (would post mid January), but as I started going through it I thought no.... I cannot wait that long.  This book is WAY to beautiful and nice to let it wait that long.   Beatrix Potter did such lovely work.   I will be referring to it later on in the Art Book Series, but for now, let me tell you about this lovely hardcover book that tells us all about The Art of Beatrix Potter.

So what do you get in this marvellous book?

Five main sections covering
1. Becoming Beatrix Potter
2. London and the South Coast
3. Scotland
4. The Lake District
5. Wales and Beyond

 As I went through this book I discovered reams upon reams of gorgeous drawings.  I met all the characters from her book, discovering that:
I discovered that Beatrix secretly bought Peter Rabbit, and eventually trained him to walk on a leash.  Can you imagine seeing that?   Made me grin when I thought about it.

There is SO much I could tell you about this book, just so very much, but I wanted to tell you about the fungi pictures.  YES.. I like fungi, I love taking pictures of them, and as I was browsing through this book look at what I discovered!!!!

Did you that Miss Potter did up a whole bunch of drawings on fungus..and she did them really well?   I was thoroughly impressed and learned so much!   :)

That was only one part of the book though, scattered throughout were all her characters that we know and love, Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin and all the rest.

This image made me smile as well, three guinea pigs in a basket.  I used to raise guinea pigs and still miss their wheeking at me first thing in the morning.  Seeing this picture brought back good memories for me.  In fact this whole book did that, seeing the pictures of the Peter Rabbit books and the guinea pigs...just gave me the warm fuzzies.

 ugh book that is not a dry treatise.   Tons of art work with the words to fill in the details to deligBeauty in art, and strength and knowledge in words.   This is a very thoroht and educate the reader.

For anyone who treasures the work of Beatrix Potter and wants to know the woman behind the books and how she developed her talent, this book is a perfect fit.

Author:  Emily Zach
foreword by Steven Heller
introduction by Linda Lear

Publisher:Chronicle Books
Size: 9.96 x 11.28
256 pages

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books


Jumping Around This Week

Since I've been battling illness yet this week, our schooling is still not back on track.

I have been trying though to do a bit more.

We've done a bit of reading in our history encyclopedia, story of the world, wolf keepers (which is a great read!), wonders of the ancient world and coyotes.

The lad is continuing re-reading the Warrior Cat series.   I've spent sometime listening to book 12 of the Ranger's Apprentice Series.  I've also scheduled a few blog posts.

In our reading we came across some interesting "let's learn more ideas".  

To that end we've learned about Japan's Keyhole graves.   You can see a link all about them here.

We learned a bit about St. Peter's Basilica as we tried to build a 3D model of it.
We listened to some coyote noises.
We also then hunted up what some of those noises meant. Adirondack Almanack helped.

Most days the lad did his Veritas History and Bible, and worked through his smarts.   More about them here, Working through our Smarts.    We've struggled to get in a whole lot more.   I could tell he's getting on the mend as Thursday and Friday he was begging his dad to take him out pokemon go-ing and these last two weeks that hasn't come up at all.   SO YEAH!!!!!   Perhaps we're going to kick this bug after-all eh!  :)

What else?

OH... I can't forget to tell you about this COOL virtual tour of St. Peter's.   Check it out here!

The rest of the time the lad played computer games, read, tidied his room and chilled out.   He continued with doing his archery, karate and Cadet meeting.   I did a lot of sitting, handling digestive upset due to a new med, got some blood work done (learned I'm a bit anemic) and generally worked to get better.   I did some blogging, sleeping, TV watching and eating of tootsie rolls (see crave).

Since I've been mostly chair bound and getting more mentally alert (another yeah!!!) I've been doing some blogging.   I also switched blogs.   I used to do most of my blogging on Weebly, but lately it's having issues with my server and I said "nuts to this" and have moved back to my blogger account full time.  I will have the LONG job of copying over my posts from there, but what's a gal to do eh?

But back to the point at hand:

Word Prompts posts 

These are just FUN to do.  They are normally short and sweet, and let's me feel creative.  :)
What I crave.   Five minute Friday post
Weather.  Inspired by my international student
Decorate.   Tis the season you know?
Lesson.   Illness teaches much.

Life and Faith

Field Trip to Fort York.   A trip to Fort York in Toronto.
God sought a man.   Ezekiel 22
God's sword is out.  Ezekiel 21
Book Club: The book of Negroes.   What the title says.  Good book.
Sunday Sermon: Keep awake, be alert.
Hymn Study: Rejoice, rejoice, believers.

Homeschooling and Reviews

Alpha-Mania Adventures. Prereaders phonics and phonemes program.
Working through our Smart books.   What this part of our dailies is.
Art Series: Draw, paint, print like the great artists.   GREAT BOOK for doing art lessons.
Seasonal Books to Enjoy.   Two fun books.
(link up is here)

Homeschool Coffee Break
The Homeschool Post

What I Crave

When I saw this word prompt this morning you know what popped into my head?

Yup.   Tootsie rolls.
The local dollarama sells 2, 2 packs for $1.   This is not a good thing.

When I am ill, or tired, or grumpy, or just generally out of sorts, this is what I crave.

I also crave other things like doritos, Mr. Big chocolate bars, and hickory sticks.   But mostly... Tootsie rolls.

I've been sick a lot these past two months.  Cold, flu, pneumonia, generalized exhaustion, and persistent cough.j

ALL that weight I lost (to help with my overall health).... well...it's kinda crept back because... As much as I love tootsie rolls...they certainly like to stick around.

I will have work to do again eh?

I really really need to learn how to get my comfort in other ways.
From reading scripture, to talking with friends, to just relaxing with my family.... but what do I do?
I want a tootsie roll.

How does one break that cycle?   
Especially when one doesn't feel well and the whole world feels like ick because well "I" feel like ick?

I know it doesn't help that my hubby is the same way... he loves his pastries when he's ill/tired/out of sorts just like I love my tootsie rolls...

It does sometimes confound me though.   God calls me to be BEYOND my temptations.   But this one... this one I don't know how to beat.

This has been a five minute Friday post, word prompt provided by Miss Kate.
It's a quick five minute free write.  No editing or fussing about.  Just writing on a given prompt.
Then linking up and encouraging those who have gone on before.
Join us won't you?

Review: Alpha-Mania Adventures

Are you working at helping your youngsters learn to read?   Today I have a series of five books called "Alpha-Mania Adventures" that should prove to be an aid to you.

This series of book has been created based on a program by Ruth Rumack, who has a Bachelor's in Education.  She has a particular interest in working with students of all ages who experience reading challenges, as well as those diagnosed with learning differences and other exceptionalities such as ADHD, anxiety, and executive functioning issues. She is a member of the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario and regularly attends learning conferences to ensure that she is on the leading edge of new research and new methodologies. At her Learning Space, Ruth and her team of highly-qualified educators provide individualized support that emphasizes honoring the individual strengths and needs of each child. Their goal is to provide all students with a strong academic foundation, achieved through active, kinesthetic learning that doesn’t feel like learning at all.  (supplied information)

These books are actually rather cool.   Children, playing pirates, happen to meet some real pirates.   These pirates all talk in rhyme. The goal of these books is to, in a fun engaging way, introduce children to phonics and phonological awareness.

Brightly coloured pages tell the story.   Which are interlaced with predominately white pages with activities for the learner to complete.

 Each book closes with a number of bonus activities.   Some of these activities are: making salt-dough letters, making letters in sand, making up their own pirate rhymes, say it slow, say it fast games, making alliterations with food, and digging for treasure as well as many more.

The alphabet is provided as well as answers for each activity are found in the back of the books.   I would recommend getting the whole series as each book works are a particular set of phonics and phonemes. 

There are five books in the series, each book introducing children to new sounds and letters.  Each book is about 40 pages long.

Written by Jennifer Makwana
Based on the the Alpha-Mania Program by Ruth Rumack
Illustrated by Jalisa Henry
Pages 40
Meant for Pre-readers

Website: Rumack Resources and Alpha-Maniacs   
 Alpha-Mania Adventures: The Great Riddle Race: A Sound Manipulation Book
Alpha-Mania Adventures: The Splitter Critter and the Greedy Pirates: A Segmenting Book
Alpha-Mania Adventures: The Fantastic Floating Feast: An Alliteration Book
Alpha-Mania Adventures: Slomo's Secret Treasure: A Blending Book
Alpha-Mania Adventures: Captain Ray and the Rhyming Pirates: A Rhyming Book

 Alpha-Mania Adventures: Captain Ray and the Rhyming Pirates: A Rhyming Book (Volume 1)
 Alpha-Mania Adventures: Slomo's Secret Treasure: A Blending Book (Pirates) (Volume 2)
 Alpha-Mania Adventures: The Fantastic Floating Feast: An Alliteration Book (Pirates) (Volume 3)
 Alpha-Mania Adventures: The Great Riddle Race: A Sound Manipulation Book (Pirates) (Volume 5)
 Alpha-Mania Adventures: The Splitter Critter and the Greedy Pirates: A Segmenting Book (Volume 4)


For more information, connect with Rumack on her website and the series' site, as well as Rumack's Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Days of December: Weather

It's a new month, a new set of Word Prompt Challenges!   YEAH!!!!

Today's word, as you can see, is Weather.

As I sit here on the first of December, outside my window I see a grey sky, it was snowing a bit when I went out to do the rabbits, but now it's settled into a bit of wind and a touch of cold rain.  Don't know that we'll get more snow today or not.

BUT we have had snow. This year, snow is rather exciting.   We have this great 15 year young man from Brazil living with us.  I wanted to show you what he did with our first snow fall of the year.

I LOVE his smile.   This boy is so quiet and so honest about things.  He tries hard to a nice and good lad.   I rarely see his smile of complete delight, and here I have a smile of complete delight.   Does my heart good looking back at this picture.  

My lad, when he saw our visiting lad out busy building, couldn't stop himself (despite his hard cough and cold) from going out and joining him.

The two boys had enough gumption left after the exertions to have an impromptu snow ball fight.  My lad quickly ran in the house when he learned our student has way better aim than he does and a cold snowball on bare legs wasn't his idea of fun.  :)   Made me laugh.

Tell me, dear reader, what weather makes you smile lately?