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Think of the Weaker

Did you know that being sick sucks!   Means you get terribly behind on things... including things like doing devotions.  I've been starting to feel a bit away from the Lord and realized I really need to get back to spending time with the Lord.

So getting back to Romans, today it's chapter 15:1-7.

Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim

I didn't know what song to do today, so reached for my hymnbook, this is song 27 for me.   The tune we sing it to is Hanover, but there are other tunes.  I shared what I am most familar with to be honest.

This hymn was written by Charles Webster.  If you want to know more about the Wesley brothers, I found this page interesting.  Charles Webster wrote a song the reminds us of who we are and who God is.  What our job is and God's gloriousness. 

Review: Animals at Night

Animals at Night is a rather cool book if you have a darkroom.  What you want to do read the story on a given page, letting the light hit the picture as you read, and then slip into a darkened room and let the page turn to life right under your eyes.

Excuse, a Poem

Today, in the midst of a busy day, following up two weeks of not having a lot of fun with my body, when I saw the word excuse these words came to mind.   The lad and I are going through the heidelberg catechism right now and this morning we were reminded on God's command to love others as much as we love ourselves.  Not always such as easy thing to do.  To put the care of others to the same measure as yourself. So easy to make the excuses, or shift the thoughts to yourself.

The word is excuse, 
The word for the day.
I wonder I wonder
What I'll have to say.

Book Study Choices

So here's the scoop, you know how I went to a writers' conference?  Had fun, bit overwhelming, but overall it was FUN!  And.... I've recently finished reading A Pearl Seeker and have been wondering what my next book project should be.  

I picked up a writing book there (Writing Tools) and  recently Raincoast sent me a book called "Pep Talks for Writers" and then I have a book that I got called On Being a Writer.  I looking through these books I thought, hey...might be fun to do a series on writing.  

Review: The Chicken Chick's Guide to Backyard Chickens

Little known fact here on the blog... I LOVE chickens.  I think chickens are just such interesting critters, and when I was young I used to tie them up and take them for walks.  :)   Go figure, I was a real farm girls.   This Guide to Backyard Chickens is a MUST HAVE if you are planning on raising chickens at all.   It is a thoroughly, helpful book.

Canada Book: Women Who Dared

I have to admit, I'm cheating a bit, I'm putting this book (a review) in on my Canada Book day.  Why?  Because at least one Canadian is included!!!!   Women Who Dared.  Admittedly, most come from the States, but I'm betting the author comes from there as well... so it's a natural thing to focus on your own land don't you know?  :)  A smattering of other countries are included as well such as France, Japan, Mexico etc.
Anyway, this is a NEAT book about women who dared... daredevils, adventurers, rebels...women who dared to be different...and that's a  most excellent thing, don't you think?  To look at a job and say "I can do that" and not let traditional gender roles stop you on your path.

Hymn Study: O Perfect Love

 I had thought about posting this one last week, it's a song I've heard at weddings, but it was part of our remembrance day service last week. But if you read the words to this hymn, it's talking about God's love for his people, and our love returned to him. It speaks also to the love between two people who will be joined together in marriage.  Love from God, holding them together, as they love each other and love God back.  It's a popular wedding hymn.