Suggestions from a homeschooling friend

You didn't ask my opinion of what you should use, but I'll give it anyway. Not what you should use, but what I have found overall to be the most useful.
Kindergarten - How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (no I did not use this book, however, I have looked it over and it looks quite simple to use for a very young child and several of my friends have used it very successfully. It only cost $15 which is the cheapest curriculum you will find. I made up my own curriculum using Hay Wingo and An Acorn in Your hand which are out of print phonics books.)After finishing this book I would use the SRA reading books A-F
For math no curriculum just count everything with him. How many weeds did you pull today? These three are a different kind of weed so how many other weeds did we pull? Set the table. How many plates will you need? If Oma and Opa are coming over how many will we need? etc. Make a 100 number chart and count to 100 daily. Get a calendar and have him count the days of the week, months of the year, say the date, etc ( I also use this to teach my children about the Lord's Day. Every day I ask them 1. What is the first day of the week?Sunday 2. What do we do on Sunday?Worship God? 3. Why? Because that's the day Jesus rose from the dead. 4. What do we do the rest of the week? Work 5. Why? Because God said to work on six days and rest on one day. 6. How many days are there in a week? 7 7. Let's say them together. 8. What day of the week is it today? 9. How many days until ________ happens? etc)
That is all you need to teach in kindergarten how to read, how to count with doing simple addition and subtraction in story problems. You could also make up flashcards for all addition and subtraction problems less than a sum of 20

For first grade I would recommend My Father's World. You can find this at This has the best (most biblical) children's Bible stories in an easy to read book.

For second grade and beyond I would recommend
Reading - Robinson curriculum www.
Math - Saxon 1st edition if you can find it, but other edetions ok too
science - Bob Jones through 8th grade then Apologia
History - Bob Jones through 8th grade

For all grades
Art: Teaching Children To Draw (I can look this one up if you are interested)