Instead of Negative, Find Positive

I have to admit, I like this turn of phrase. I found this at Information Age Education.

Making the point instead of seeing the negative, find a way to state a positive. I have to admit, I'm not so sure of some of the language used, but I did like the basic point.

Instead of asking question such as these:
* Why am I so bad at math?
* Why do I always get in trouble and my little brother doesn’t?
* Why do you always pick on me?
* Why can’t I ever find my homework?
* Why am I so broke all of the time?
* Why can’t I loose weight?

Ask questions such as these:

* Why am I so organized?
* Why is it easy for me to concentrate in class?
* Why do I love school?
* Why do I get such great grades?

Other questions that a person could ask themselves include:

Questions you may want to use to transform your class:

  • Why are students so helpful?
  • Why do I love my job so much?
  • Why do I have such engaging lessons that require little prep?
  • Why do my students listen to and follow directions the first time?

And here are some to transform the teaching profession (and a lot of other jobs too):

  • Why do I get paid so well?
  • Why is my work appreciated and acknowledged?
  • Why am I so respected?
  • Why do I love my job?

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