The Homeschool Blog Awards

Go to THIS PAGE to find the nominations and to eventually vote. Voting is April 9-15, 2007.

I'm listing this not because I will vote, I don't know most of these people, but I am listing it as I think some of these people might be a good resource in the future.

Homeschool Conference for Free?

This person has posted a way to get into a Homeschool conference for free.

From her site:
Want To Go To Your Homeschool Convention for FREE?

This is a wonderful opportunity! If you have a homeschool convention coming up that you would like to attend but your budget is a little tight, TOS may be able to help. Want TOS to pay your way in?

TOS will pay for your full entry to the convention if you are willing to pick up business cards from the speakers and vendors at the convention. Once TOS gets your package and short written report, you'll be reimbursed for your full entry.

Contact Gena first and make arrangements because TOS doesn't want to pay for more than one person's entry per conference. Anyone interested can email Gena at and put CONFERENCE in the subject line.

Help get the word out! The more conferences covered the better.

Renee's helps for me

Renee in Kingville sent me these links

Getting started in Homeschool.

Free Homeschool curriculum.

Alpha Omega Publishers.

Homeschool Curriculum Help.

This way I keep the links in case I lose the email! :)

Friday Freebies

Rather than keeping these in my in-box, I thought I'd post the last few Friday Freebies from The Old Schoolhouse here.

Superkids Math Work Sheet Creator - This is a site that allows a person to create their own math sheets.

Busy Teachers Cafe is a resource place for k-6.

Then there is Silly books. This is a "a cute educational website for the younger ones". It "has more than 60 animated read aloud story books, story songs, fine art games, puzzles and more that help kids learn to read".

a St. Patrick's day unit study by knowledge quest.

Plus Free Learning Resources over at Googol Learning.

And a Valentine's Day Craft from Lighthome Publishers. It's in PDF format.