Homeschooling with Toddlers

I get a newsletter from Knowledge Quest.

This week they had a link to an article on homeschooling with toddlers in the house. I thought it interesting and helpful.
There are three strategies to use when homeschooling with toddlers in your home and these are 1. Keep them busy, 2. Divide and Conquer and 3. Get Creative.
Some of the ideas listed I liked.
like the one about having a preschool box with activities to do. Just stuff ready to do in a ziploc bag. Takes a bit of prep work...but makes it easier later on.

This one I do all the time:
Put the step stool up to the kitchen sink, close the drain and run a drizzle of water into the sink along with a little bit of dish soap. Give your child some plastic cups, bowls and spoons to "wash". He'll feel glad to know that he is helping with the chores.
The divide and conquer I haven't had to use too much. I only have the one boy...though two dogs so sometimes hubby watches the boy while I walk the dogs. :) Does that count?

So anyways, check it out. Good ideas to be found there.

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