Math for Kindergarten

From what I've been able to determine, math for kindergarten means teaching




That these concepts lay the foundation not only for arithmetic, but also for algebraic thinking.

One also needs to teach the basic number families 0 - 20.

I can do this! :)

Some places to go from printables and such like:
Free Kindergarten math sheets.

Not sure how do able this will's all online, Kindergarten math.

AAA math lists some Kindergarten math topics.

once again, not sure how doable this is for kindgarten children, but it's an idea generator in the very least. :) From Harcourt school publishers.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets. These pages look doable.

lots of math pages here at this page on Kindergarten math sheets.

Ideas for make it yourself math worksheets from Lesson Exchange.

Unit Studies

Corresponding with this post over at Fisher of Disciples, Here are some places to find unit studies that are already made. Need to be purchased for the most part.

Amanda Bennett's Unit Studies.

Heart of Wisdom Publishers has unit studies.

homeschooling at Sassafras Grove has some unit studies. Took a quick breeze through the site and wow! Using this will save me time and energy. ;)

Family Classroom. net has unit studies, free, already made up for use. Might make good base for developing unit studies of my own.

From Homeschool in the woods comes this unit study on Christmas.

Home School Learning Network lists units of study I would not have thought of on my own. They give actual studies too! This site also have unit studies that you can purchase, and a whole whack available through a subscription program.

Zone Unit Studies has some fairly basic studies as far as I can tell. Might be a source of inspiration. :)

Home Sweet homeschool lists a fair number of resources. Worth checking it sometime.


The Old Schoolhouse has once again, sent out a treasure of freebies. :)

This focus of this one is Autumn stuff, goes to figure since well....summer is technically over. :)

First up... I really like this, It comes from treasure house press. A PDF file of the science of autumn.
It's called "The Science of Autumn" (and trees!) and looks like loads of fun! There are activity pages, informational write-ups, notebooking pages, web resources and more!
Next up is a page loaded with Fall craft ideas for children. Bookmarks, place mats, ponytail holders. Fun for children. More can be found here and here.

Sunday School Curricula or a Home-school aid?

So Carla at Reflections of the Times pointed my way to Children Desiring God and their Sunday School Curriculum.

Looks good to me.
Not the cheapest curricula out there.
But looks good. Makes me think I could use that with my boy child as he matures a bit.