Math Helps

This Old Schoolhouse continues to send out their Friday Freebies.

Sept 13 contained these math ones:
Games, games, games

Worksheets and Printable games on math

In other places I found these:

Toon University has these two sites: grades 4-6 and grades 1-3, I think they are a little stupid in how they "reward" the correct answer. But I'm not a child so perhaps I'm a bit out of it. :)

This one seems neat. Actually gives some examples of how to do different math. Called Coolmath4kids. Taught me again how to teach long division.

This math game page actually contains how to's with printouts. So not done so much on-line as it is in real-life.

I haven't checked this site out a whole lot, seemed a bit more advanced at first glance, but Free math Help might be a good site to check out sometime.

I do find it surprising just how many sites there are on-line to help with math.

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