Steward Ship

Friday Freebies at The Old Schoolhouse, pointed me in the direction of Steward Ship.
These folks produce Unit Studies and other such things to help homeschoolers teach their children.
With the unit study method, we choose one topic and combine different subjects to revolve around and tie into that topic. First of all, the unit study approach is different from the traditional textbook approach (which is to read a portion of text, usually full of facts and not very interesting and then answer some questions at the end).

Unit studies are conducted in a more relaxed fashion and are interactive in nature.

A unit study can be anything you want it to be. It can be short or long, filled with lots of activities or just a few, it can be something you do alongside your other studies or a full blown unit study that takes several weeks. But the key is, YOU get to decide.

There are three avenues to consider when deciding how you will do a unit study:

— Purchase a complete unit study
— Use a prepared topical guide
— Create your own from scratch
If you want to know more, check out their website. For a brief unit study, check this out.

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