Jesse Tree

I've heard of these before.
It's something that my sister does.
I have not embarked on the Jesse Tree journey, at this point, what Justin and I is this.

Anyways, Jesse Tree resources, these from Friday Freebies via The Old Schoolhouse, are:

Here is a PDF file of designs for making Jesse Tree Ornaments.

And very own denomination has section for doing Jesse Tree devotions! That was a surprise to me. Kinda like that. :)

There are other sites on Jesse Tree
Here is one from The Voice.
Another from Catholic Culture.
Diocese of Erie has downloads and instructions.

In the month before Christmas, the church anticipates the coming of Jesus, the light of the world, through readings that span from the Old Testament creation story through Jesus’ birth. Jesse, for whom the tree is named, is the first person in the genealogy of Jesus. At the top of this family tree are Mary and Jesus. Depicted in church windows and artwork for hundreds of years, this visual tree of life may even have been a forerunner of today’s Christmas tree.

All you need for this project is a homemade drawing of a tree that can be taped to a wall or hung on your refrigerator. You can also make a Jesse tree by putting a few tree branches in a pot filled with gravel or sand, or using a tabletop Christmas tree on which to hang Jesse tree ornaments.

Reflect on the readings and symbols of this ancient tradition. You can download our symbols on card stock, or print them on paper and glue them to construction paper or felt. Sharing the Jesse tree story is a great way to help build anticipation for the birth of the Christ child, allowing the roots of faith to take hold and grow.

Just look around the web, if you want to do a Jesse Tree, there's lots of help out there for you. :)

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