Sail to the New World

Okay, this Friday Freebie sent in the newsletter from The Old Schoolhouse, sounds VERY familiar to me, but I can't see where I might have posted on it before so here goes.

Sail to the New World. Put out by Tapestry of Grace
Sail to the New World takes you through the first three week-plans in Unit 3 of Tapestry of Grace Year 2: Between Ancient and Modern. Tapestry is designed as a rotational program, and many families discover Tapestry after they have already studied world history with other programs. Tapestry plans are available by the unit, so you can take up your Tapestry studies wherever you left off with your other program. This Colonial America unit is one of the most popular places to begin Tapestry mid-year. Do you have a break coming up in your regular school year? Try printing out these weeks out and using them to do a three-week mini-unit on early Colonial America as you approach Thanksgiving.

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