SCripture Memory

I will need to write more on this another time, but here's a site on helping children memorize scripture. I have to admit, a bit part of me would be reticent to purchase a scripture memory program, but part of me thinks, might be least more convenient...saves me from having to make something. But I could make something I'm sure, quite easily myself.

Reading and writing

Though this website, Family Friendly Sites, I found this site, Mrs Plum. It has some games for helping children learn their letters, words and such like.


Discovered a new store, courtesy of a blogger that I can't find anymore. EEK.

Ah well, she was new to me.

Anyways, the store is called HomeschooleStore. ALl of their products are available only in E-format. They offer free books every week from what I remember from the bloggers' site. This weeks was on Menu plans and provided a whole whack of recipes.

Anyways, check it out if you are interested.