A Place to Find Good Home-school sites

On another note, do you enjoy browsing around quality homeschooling sites?

Check out Danny Carlton's site called Homeschool Gold. It's a really well designed collection of the best homeschool sites, ranked by popularity.

If you have a blog or website and would like the join, the member button (that you put on your site) is really nice and actually looks a bit like an award.

Free Wood Scraps

Able to pay shipping costs?

These folks over at Barclay Blocks will ship you the wood that they can't use for their products. Check it out here.
Great stuff for teachers, schools, or anybody else that hankers to make wooden crafts, toys, or anything else from hard maple scrap. We pack a 12" by 12" by 12" inch box with scrap (Some un-sanded). It contains defective blocks, unsorted block stock, plank stock, round stock and other cut-offs and trim we have left over from making blocks. This totals about 20 lbs. Every box is different. You pay the shipping costs plus $4.95 for the box and handling.
Actually sounds like a good plan to me. :)