Surprise find

When I was looking up Spelling stuff, I found this page. I didn't find it very helpful as this colour coding stuff didn't make much sense to me. I hit the home button though....and it led me to pages I found more useful.

They have Curriculum outlines.
They have a humanities link. To a Mr. S.

And Various Homework pages, with activities to do to learn stuff. :) Things like Life in the Artic, and explorers and so forth. Might be a good resource. :)


Spelling, spelling, spelling...what child doesn't need to know how to spell, and how to spell well.
It's one of the things that drives me nuts with many of the youth I meet now-a-days...they can't spell even simple words.

Anyways, spelling helps for if and when I should need them.

Inspired by a email newsletter from TOS.

SpellingCity. I went there using my firefox browser, and was told I should use IE instead as there is a known bug using firefox with their system. So... IF you go to Spelling City...use IE.

All About Spelling has free spelling tests. They have them for each grade level.

Here's a page called Spelling It right. Run by a teacher.

Busy Teachers Cafe has this language arts page.

Everyday Spelling is a useful site as well. Comes up with common words misspelled and helps for dealing with spelling as well.

I found the Mount Diablo School District Spelling List to be the most comprehensive that I have found so far.

TLS has some worksheets. I didn't find them very extensive, but it's a resource none-the-less.

Lots of sites on-line to look at. These seem to be a good start.