Make a Lesson Plan

One of the things I discovered about Donna Young's site is that she linked to various pages on how to put together a Lesson plan.

Let's say you have a book that you are using for a curriculum.
1. you chosen the book.

2. decide how long you will be using it. use these steps to planning.
Steps-to-Planning checklist:
  1. How many weeks of study?_____
  2. How many weeks for special projects?______
  3. Subtract step 2 from step 1. ____ weeks
  4. How many pages are in the book(s)?______
  5. How many lessons are in the book(s?______
  6. How many pages are tests/review?______
  7. Subtract the number of test/review pages from the number of pages in the book.______
  8. Divide step 7 by step 3- _____ pages per week.
3.Now break it down a bit more...
a. how many pages will you do?
b. where will you call it a day?
c. does the book have it's own laid out plans?

Lots more but I don't have time right now to go through it all.
Follow her links, read through her examples and have fun! :)

Planning out your Homeschool day

I was sent an email from The Homeschool Store (part of TOS). Anyways, it included some freebies.

One of the freebies listed was to Donna Young's Home School Lesson Planners. I looked at them and thought...So??? And then I said, hold on, why reinvent the wheel? Should I ever need to plan out lessons, this page just might be helpful. I'd have to figure out how to use them and all that, but this would save me the steps and energy in having to come up with something myself. You might find that it serves the same purpose for you. There are also links for a variety of other types of planning you might need to do, from daily plannersm calendars, art and more. Check it out.

They also included a link to family about how to organize your homeschool day, how to think out the process of doing so. Plan, Prioritize, Respond. Have a routine, but stay flexible. :)