WorkSheet Works

The Old Schoolhouse sends out weekly emails with freebies listed in them.

This week the freebie they sent out sends folks for the The Worksheet Works website.

From the email sent to me:
.... try this new educational website that I recently found.

Worksheet Works is a website with free printables in Math, English, Geography, and Puzzles of all kinds. There are also other printables such as calendars, graphic organizers to help with the writing process, graph paper for math, and many more. The best part is that it's all free for you to use!

Having gone to the site I have learned they have math, English, geography, a variety of puzzles, miscellaneous stuff, handwriting sheets, and such like. looks like a nice little site to keep track of.

I thought the secret map puzzle was just neat! hadn't thought of that idea before. :)

NOW... if you want to get the store freebies ..... go to The Old Schoolhouse website and subscribe to the emails yourself. :)

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