Independance Day?

I'm Canadian, so doing the whole independance day (US based) is not really my thing.

But I thought I'd post up these links because who knows....maybe I can rework them to do a Canadian theme for CANADA DAY! :)

Homeschooling 4 Free lists off different July 4 stuff
people can do.

ABC teach has stuff as well.

Homeschooled Kids OnLine gives the history to it.

For Horse girls

TOS sent out this as well,
The Girlhood Home Companion’s Happy Trails Horse Club™ is a one-of-a-kind resource for girls who want to learn more about horses and explore the many positive ways to get involved with various riding disciplines. Each month features a different breed and discipline, weaving together a collection of fact and fiction about equestrians from the past and those who are making a difference in the world today.
So know any horsey folk? Perhaps that website might interest them. :) Here's the direct link.

TOS freebies

Have I ever told you to go the The Old Schoolhouse and get on their email newsletter lists?

Good way to get free stuff you can use when you homeschool.

yes, it's a pain to try to figure out the whole storage space thing, but it's free!

And what does it cost yah to get a couple of discs to store things on? not that much!

I'm on one list that sends me out stuff every Friday.

This past week they sent out their October Module from 2008 that normally you'd have to pay $7-12 for. And just by waiting a spell...I got it free! can't beat that now can you? :)

if you go here, you can even see what they've sent out. Happy looking!