Printable Certificates etc for Homeschooling

We all need printables for homeschooling.

123 Certificates gives you forms for almost any school based achievement.

Just mommies
gives you homeschool Report cards! :)

Chart Jungle gives a variety of printable resources. Charts, diplomas, calendars etc.


WAY beyond Justin at this point.
This site has free videos on biology, science, maths etc.

The site is called Educator.

How to teach a child to write a novel

I learned about this page through HomeSchool Freebie of the day.

What Little Blue School did was put together a PDF on How to Teach a Child to Write a Novel. My boy isn't quite old enough for this yet, but it looks like something we'll do in the future. :)

Go check it out.

Alphabet Lap books - A

This will of course be a series of 26! After all there are 26 letters in the alphabet.

I am hoping to every week design a week around one letter of the alphabet.

I will hopefully have games to play, poems to read, scripture to memorize and so forth.

I'll be using a variety of sources.

These three to start with:

But I won't of course use everything on the different sites. I'll be pulling off what I think I"ll use and all that. :)

Here's what I have to start
an alligator poem and an apple shaped letter book and a letter size sorting game.

I want to make a stencil of the letter A and put it up on the fridge with "a" pictures we find or can draw so that we remember what letter we're working on for the week. :)

I'm not sure about doing this one from DLTK's, book is cute, but seems Like you need LOTS of paper to do it. So just thinking on it yet.

I used this Letter A reproducible from Innovative Classroom.

Here's a neat site! Teacher Planet. Got a craft idea which I'm revamping to make a construction paper apple.

and then I got this idea, since Justin likes cats, to find pictures of cats that begin with the "letter a", so then I went here which got me cat names, and then all I had to do is find pictures. :) Here is an Abyssinian. American Bobtail. American Shorthair.

How to Do research

I thought this site pretty good.

It's from the Kentucky Virtual Library. Teaches children how to do research. :) It's interactive. Taught me a thing or two as well.

Should mention, it was sent to me in an email from TheHomeSchoolMom.