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This Old Schoolhouse (TOS) is a really good resource for homeschoolers.

I get the digital subscription because I find that otherwise it's just TOO expensive to get the magazine what with shipping charges and what not between Canada and the US.

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Tree Rubbings and more :)

As part of our unit study on Trees, Justin and I headed to the local dam for a walk. We talked trees, rocks, beautiful day, and did some tree rubbings.

We started with practicing with cedar tree leaves.

We did cedar leaves, maple tree bark, birch bark and ??? tree.
We took the leaves home and will put the leaves and rubbings in a book to look at later.

We moved on down the trail where Justin thought that gathering up all the corn leaves would be the safer thing to do. He didn't want people to trip or slip on the corn leaves...because they sneaky mommy! They make you slide and fall!

See that path? it's made by a snapping turtle.
It was at least 16 inches across, led from corn field to the lake.


Our curious of us guests. they got brave enough to come within 30 metres.

Crafting Pages

Make a hand-print turkey.

Justin liked this idea as well, and we have LOTS of baby food jars yet. Stained glass votives.

Fizzy Balls
You just mix 1/4 cup of baking soda, with 4 Tbs. water, and a few drops of food coloring into a dough. Put your little treasure in it and roll into a ball so that it looks like a stone. That's all. Just let them sit in the open air to dry overnight. (hide a small treasure inside)

The next morning you can just put the fizzy stones all in the GladWare box, and put it in a gift bag along with your bottle of vinegar.

You'll want to have a clear measuring cup or bowl handy so that you can pour the vinegar in and watch the magic happen.

The vinegar does lose its potency fairly quickly though so after doing a stone or two, you need to dump out that vinegar and get more before adding another stone.
Personalized memory Game. Thought this one had potential.


Here's a sheet to print off for finding the consonants vs. vowels. :) and another by the same folks.

From TLSbooks comes Consonants worksheet and this one too.

Check out this website for free phonics materials which includes learning the consonants!

Kidzone has this page.

Phonicsworld has all kinds of pages.

Free Kindergarten worksheets.

Fun Fonix.

Free printable phonics worksheets, free printable activities, printable workbooks, and phonics worksheet makers from Fun Fonix.com.

Fun Fonix Intro: hard consonants and short vowels with writing practice for each letter

School Express this site has tons of stuff. Will take a while to go through it all.

More links to free sites

Homeschool Resources by the same person who does Mama Jen. From the welcome page:
As the homeschooling mother of five little ones, I am always on the lookout for inexpensive homeschool resources. This is a collection of resource sites that I have found or have been referred to. Many of the sites are completely free! ........ As I discover new sites, I will add them to the list. If you know of sites that should be added, please leave me a comment or email me so that the site can be added. If we put our minds and efforts together, we can spend more time homeschooling and less time searching for resources! So, please check back often and as always,
Happy Homeschooling!!!
More File Folder games

and more FFG again :)

watermelon File folder game

Make your own game boards! This site looks cool!

Activity Village has these file folder games.

Free Reading, a free on-line program for teaching reading Kingergarten to grade three. Here's one program.

Teaching counting skills. These put out by education.com. With Preschool worksheets and much more.

teachers.net has a variety of resources as well.

This is cool! Make a wind chime! :)

Variety of things

Child Care land has free stuff! :) Lots actually. Rather a fun find!

Mathwire. A site for teaching math to children. Looks interesting.

Learning Treasures. Here's a link to a page on Using Mice to learn counting. :)

Kinderplans They have a variety of themes/studies. here's one for working on Number 1-10.

Worksheet Universe. Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade One.

Primary Games. Needs a certain skill with the computer.

AAA Math. Math for children. Looks to have a variety of games/worksheets.

Suite 101 often has articles with links to a variety of resources. here's one for Learning to count.

Using the Spud of Bob the builder to learn counting. On-line activity.

Anyways, I'll add more as I discover them! :)

TOS Information

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Memory Card Maker

My hubby sent this link to me. Once I figured out what it was useful for I thought COOL!

Anyway, it's a memory verse maker.

I'll have to do a search on-line to see if there are any others out there.

Cereal box ideas

Jamin's cereal box ideas.

i want to look at the links here abit more, but thought I'd save this before I lost the link.