Variety of things

Child Care land has free stuff! :) Lots actually. Rather a fun find!

Mathwire. A site for teaching math to children. Looks interesting.

Learning Treasures. Here's a link to a page on Using Mice to learn counting. :)

Kinderplans They have a variety of themes/studies. here's one for working on Number 1-10.

Worksheet Universe. Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade One.

Primary Games. Needs a certain skill with the computer.

AAA Math. Math for children. Looks to have a variety of games/worksheets.

Suite 101 often has articles with links to a variety of resources. here's one for Learning to count.

Using the Spud of Bob the builder to learn counting. On-line activity.

Anyways, I'll add more as I discover them! :)

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