File Folder Games

Have I ever told you to go the The Old Schoolhouse and get on their email newsletter lists? Well, go do it! Free homeschool goodies and oodles of ideas await you!

File Folder games is one such letter they sent out.

In a take a file folder, you put stuff inside it, keeps everything compact and you have a game or activity that your child can do.

I got the preschool set from the teacher's book bag. Our son LOVES the games (most of them). The one I got seems to focus on alphabet stuff...he thinks the honey pot game is just too much fun. :) But he likes the others as well. I don't use file folders as that would have cost more dollars...and I have oodles of card stock because I scrap book! So tape, cardstock, worksheets and voila! I can make a file folder type game/activity for him.

Here are Jamin's freebies on File-folder games. She has more on her page so make sure you go there as well. :)
File Folder Fun offers free file folders for preschool through second grade. You will find file folders for science, language arts, math and more! You can browse by subject or grade level. The more you click the more you find at this website!

Looking for phonics games? Check these out!

Adding and rhyming? Click here.

Simple addition, telling time, and counting money. Click here.

For preschool file folders, click here. (There are 22 to chose from on the yellow sidebar on the left.)

For more preschool file folder games click here. You will find them mixed in with a lot of other free printables for little ones.

and the following list is ones that I've found as well. See...I just love how one list inspires people to look further! :)

File Folder Games and Other Games
Activity Village
Essortment: Preschools educational file folder game
My File Folder games
File Folder game - opposites
File Folder heaven has purchase options as well as free options.

Things to Try with File Folders
File Folder Games for teachers
come up with themes: seasons, months, alphabet books, and such like. Basically whatever you want, you can do if you just think about it.
Come up with different ways to do things: cut outs, hideaway, pop-ups and such like.
Ezine articles

This one I think does more that file folder games but it looked intriguing.
Printables for your classroom.