Tree Rubbings and more :)

As part of our unit study on Trees, Justin and I headed to the local dam for a walk. We talked trees, rocks, beautiful day, and did some tree rubbings.

We started with practicing with cedar tree leaves.

We did cedar leaves, maple tree bark, birch bark and ??? tree.
We took the leaves home and will put the leaves and rubbings in a book to look at later.

We moved on down the trail where Justin thought that gathering up all the corn leaves would be the safer thing to do. He didn't want people to trip or slip on the corn leaves...because they sneaky mommy! They make you slide and fall!

See that path? it's made by a snapping turtle.
It was at least 16 inches across, led from corn field to the lake.

Our curious of us guests. they got brave enough to come within 30 metres.