Teaching Made Easier

Teaching Made Easier is a site that I"m currently testing out.

So far it seems to have it's quirks, I can also see it's potential.

I had an email sent to me about it, and of course, now I can't find it. Anyways, that's just weird.

So it has a list creator and a variety of ways to make the same list in different ways. Vocab lists, bingo, games, and so forth. Haven't figured out yet if they do crosswords and such like.

Anyways, give it a boo if you are interested.

these are the types of activities that you can create.

Math Videos...

wow...this site has it all.

Khan Academy

Origami (paper airplanes)

How to Make a Paper Airplane.

10 Paper AirPlanes.

Easy to Make Paper Airplanes.

Best paper Airplane.

Basic Version of paper airplane.

Latin! Learn it!

This came across my computer via my hubby.
$25 for some introductory lessons.
Video Latin Curriculum actually hosted at The Compass Store and produced by Visual Latin.

One of the commentors mentioned Memoria Press for Latin, so I checked them out too. I'm tempted. :)

Clip art

free clip art sites are HARD to find overall.
I won't use this for resale as I think that would be theft. But for personal use... not a problem.

Here's one Edigg.clipart.

Clipart ETC
Welcome to quality educational clipart. Every item comes with a choice of image size and format as well as complete source information for proper citations in school projects. No advertisement-filled pages with pop-up windows or inappropriate links here. A friendly license allows teachers and students to use up to 50 educational clipart items in a single, non-commercial project without further permission.
Lee hansen Graphics. Looks to be all free clipart/graphics.
Lee Hansen's free clip art includes many downloadable graphics for today's most popular themes, styles and crafts. You'll find free hundreds of clip art graphics for holidays from New Year to Hanukkah.

Our collection of exclusive, original graphics includes clip art for parties and celebrations, hard to find images for popular themes like pirates, vacation in paradise and fairies, plus dozens of clip art borders, buttons and scrapbook embellishments for page layouts and making your own gift tags, labels and greeting cards.

Philip Martin Clip-art.

I'll add more as I find them. Let me know if you know of any.

Colouring Pages for Children

Coloring Pages for Kids

I'll have to add others as I find them.

Donna Young

DonnaYoung.org Printables and Resources

This web site is built by Donna Young and is an on-going project since 1998. Donnayoung.org offers free homeschool planners, homeschool planning tips, school calendars, household planners, and printables in various subjects.

Friction Experiment #1

So we joined supercharged Science for a month.

Cost us a $1 so it was no biggie to do this.

Today we did an experiment on Friction.

We took a book, we took a bunch of different shoes. and then used a ruler to see how high we could get the book cover to rise before the shoe started to slide.

We had some surprises!

1. daddy's new show and daddy's old shoe. both the same brand of shoe. The old one slid at 11 the new slid at 13.5. The only difference we could find in the shoe was the old one had more wear on the sole of the shoe.

2. Justin's crocks and flip flops. The blue ones slid at 11.5, the purple at 12 and his flip flops at 10.5. the flip flops weigh the most so we THINK that is why they slid faster, but why the purple slid later.. we could not figure that one out. the purple and blue are the same weight, the purple has little gems on it so my boy thinks that is why it slid later.

3. mommy's church sandal is fatter (wider) and flatter than her work shoe. It should have slid later, but it slid at 9, while her work shoes slid at 12. WHY??? Her work shoe weighs more but the sole is bumpier...could the weight have made the difference?

But it was very interesting for a five year old boy child.

Some sites I want to look at some more

Reading a- z

sites for teachers

School express

Grace bound books.

Egghead academics

Home school in the woods