Terrific Tigers - Day Two

Today the lad and I worked on Day Two of the unit study from Download N Go on Terrific Tigers. We worked on Day one last week. This is a unit study that can also be done as a lap book. Should you purchase it, make sure you don't miss doing the lap book nifty stuff (I missed it from day one and went back to do it). yes... sometimes I miss the obvious stuff....

The lad had a good time learning more about tigers. Today's focus was on the Bengal Tiger. He dictates the answers to me and I write them down. Sometimes we need to read things a few times before he gets the answers and sometimes he surprises me by knowing the answers even before I read the article to him. Go figure. :)

We enjoyed looking at the cat stuff at the zoo. We didn't see the tigers on the zoo cam, but we did look at the lion cubs when they had their first check up. This elicited a lot of questions from the lad.

We made this tiger craft from DLTK. He pasted on the head and the body, the fiddliness of the rest required asking Mommy to help with the rest.

We learned about what mammals are and all sorts of other things. The unit study comes LOADED with links. Some are a bit above the level of a five year old, and other things are pretty much where he is at. Means that sometimes I rephrase things, which isn't all that hard to do. :)

I don't think this link was part of the study (but I could be wrong), but the lad had fun doing the backyard animals game found there.

It's a well made study, covers a variety of age ranges, I expect in three years or so we'd be able to do this study again. Anyways, this is a good study, well worth the dollars spent on it. :)

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