Teaching Finances

These pages seemed geared to older students, and I couldn't get all the links in some to work, but might be my browser (firefox).

Kids Money
As parents, you have a unique opportunity to give your kids a financial education. You can not only teach them skills but you can also let them learn from their own experience and develop sound habits that will last them a lifetime.
Financial on-line games.
The internet is filled with fun games that teach kids about money.
Financial Literacy Resources.

The Mint.
Some people call it financial literacy, personal finance or money management – but at the end of the day, it’s all about making the most of your money.
Sense and Dollars.

What We Learned this week - Oct 25-29.

Well this week has been a good week thus far. Having a general outline/schedule is very helpful. :)

We did day three of of the unit study from Download N Go on Terrific Tigers.
We learned that Sumatran tigers have webbed feet, watched good videos, and just had fun learning about tigers. Justin made a mural of tigers on a mountain.

We started to work on Expedition Australia, we just got to the first part of day one. This is a harder study for a five year old lad. He's currently working on colouring in the world map. There is a whole whack of information in it, he was fascinated by the giant clam in one of the first videos that we watched. This is also a DownloadnGo product.

We volunteered at the Rummage Sale for the local hospital. We were there for two hours and the lad helped with putting price tags on items and helping me sort out the cutlery.

He did gymnastics on Monday.

He did gym on Tuesday with the homeschool group. This was held at the Startford YMCA and costs $6 for 8 weeks. He had a hoot learning some kickboxing moves and playing hockey with the big boys.

On Wednesday he was part of Story Club while I was at bible study at the local Christian Reformed Church. We are studying the Psalms, they are working through creation (as far as I can tell). He made a great craft and learned more about Adam and Eve, how God made each one of us in his own image.

Today we'll be making hallowe'en cupcakes and doing a study on Hallowe'en. The study called Happy halloween that we are doing is good for a variety of ages, and comes from the Simple Homeschool. It has a maze, copy work, listen and remember exercises and so forth. I like it, and the lad is looking forward to doing it.

I have to interject this.
My boyo sometimes makes me laugh. The maze had two friends looking for a path to the candy corn. So he drew two paths. One friend kept on going the wrong way (complete with "uh, wrong way" being muttered under his breath) and had to retrace his steps and then mommy had to help the other friend show the first friend which way to go (with comments of --- yea!, see, this is how you go, see he's helping my friend find the candy! YEA!! you helped me!!! (this last being the lost friend talking)). He just makes me chuckle. :)

we will also be doing this unit from Ingles on Hallowe'en. Oops...not this exact one, but one similar that has a game in it. Spooktacular letters that's the one we are doing. :)

Pics of what we did today.
First you start with some muffins :)
then you make the icing, you start with a basic white icing and add food colouring... it looks like a lollipop as you mix it in. Much to the delight and interest of a five year old. we were aiming for black, but he thought grey was good too. :)

You add some smarties (sorry trick or treaters, you won't be getting them).

the finished product, they all ended up with three "friend" smarties sitting with each other on top.
We brought two to our very nice neighbours who live next door to us. They are so kind to us that this was just a small thing for us to do for them, and they were simply delighted. :)

AND tomorrow he'll be doing the last HOPE day with dad for the fall season.

HOPE meeting

Tonight Hubby and I went to our first HOPE meeting. (group that we're involved in)

Here's the blurb I got
The topic for the evening is "Choosing the Better Thing". John Gould will be speaking on how to keep Christ the centre of our homeschooling journey. Come out for a positive and encouraging evening designed to help us keep our focus on the priority of Christ in the middle of the busyness of life.
I thought it was a good message.

It was a good reminder of one of the biggest advantages we have as Christian homeschoolers....we have the whole day to point out God to our children. To show our children how we can bring glory to God in all that we do in our lives. :)

Schedule - October 24, 2010

Trying to get more organized in the course of our days. We'll see how it goes.
We sit down together and see what we can figure out.
Some things are set...gymnastics, bible study, gym time and HOPE, the rest is subject to the whimsies of life.

New will be a set getting up time, and a set going to bed time.

Plus we'll be trying to have one full stay at home day.

Terrific Tigers - DownLoad N Go Review/Contest

I bought Terrific Tigers from Download N Go. I bought it because my lad loves cats! Oh boy...if I can make whatever we study involve cats or bunnies I"m set, so this study was just meant for my lad. You can buy it from download N go right here. :)

I then learned that I could earn this unit study free by doing a review on it for DNG. I was thrilled! So I haven't gotten my free unit study yet (because I haven't told them what I want), but regardless I just find doing reviews fun. :)

Anyways, the lad enjoys this study very much. I've reported that we've done day one and two and three and Day four and finally we got to Day Five. I have had a couple of really crazy weeks so we haven't done a whole lot with the rest of the unit study beyond looking at what we'll be studying and watching some of the videos.

What can I tell you about this study. It can be done as a lap book, used as a unit study, or you can do your own thing with it.

The boy loves it. :)

We did not do it as a lapbook. We simply took one day at a time and printed out the pages, watched the videos, answered questions and did crafts.


Crafts, videos, information about tigers who are related to cats. :) Books to read - some tiger informative, and others just using tigers as the main character), places to explore (the countries that cats come from), and cats to visit. We took some side detours to visit other cats,

So what do you learn?
Day One: What is a tiger.
Day two: Getting to know Tigers
Day three: where are the tigers?
Day four: The science of tigers
Day five: Cool things about Tigers

Did you know that a tiger is bigger than my son's bed? -- this fact was very funny to a lad.

Did you know that a tiger can run faster than cars are supposed to go down our street?
"whoa mommy, they are fast!"

Did you know that tigers have webbed feet? From what I recall...not every tiger does, but the sumatran definitely does. This elicited a HUH? from my lad.

Made me smile one day ... We talked about tigers having cubs. So what does the lad do for the rest of the morning? C - U - B, Cubs, tigers have cubs. C - U - B, cub, tigers have cubs! Over and over and over again.

I have to admit, that a five year old can not do everything in this study, but that's the joy of homeschooling right? We have the luxury of being able to change things, add things, write things down that are verbally spoken and so forth.

One of the fun things that we did in this study was to act out a mommy tiger teaching her young cub what to eat. We played young tigers going to school with their mommies and they had to do everything the "teacher tiger" told them to. So mommy tiger taught the baby tiger how to pounce and on what type of animals they pounced on. We had a hoot playing out on our neighbours lawn (who has a huge lawn and could care-less if we play on her lawn). :) The lad laughed and learned which is what was wanted.

Looking ahead to day four I can see us having fun roaring like a tiger and seeing how far away we can hear each other. Can we roar as loud as a tiger can?

This has been a really fun study thus far and we are looking forward to doing the rest of it.

Before I forget... here are more reviews on this unit study for you to look at. :)

Oh! Almost forgot that I'm allowed to give away one copy of this study to a reader. Isn't that cool? :)
Okay, so what hoop will I have you jump through?

Well.. tell me that you stopped by. Make sure I have a way to contact you without having to jump through hoops trying to find your email address. If you tell someone else about the contest, let me know with a separate post (for instance, facebook it, blog it, tweet it etc). You have until next Wednesday (October 27) to do this. It will be a random draw (as in your name goes in a hat and the lad will pick it out).

IF you are a TOS/DNG affiliates including the DNG Review Team and TOS Crew you are not eligible (sorry those are the rules).

Letter D Lapbook

Things I printed off for doing the Letter D Lapbook.

Diddle Diddle Dumpling

Dog Poem - might not use this though, might only take the pictures for letter D words.

D fan book -- I like the idea of this but I"m not crazy on the words/pictures. So will probably do something similar, but different.

D Files. Took the trifold hand, and the d is for drawing page.

Kidzone letter D poem. plus this one from the same site. Discover the picture.

Found this neat maze of the letter D.

My lad was quite intrigued by this different type of maze.

fun cat maze that is a challenge

Maze cat

Sketch Tuesday - something you drink

This week's assignment, due Monday, October 11th, 2010:
Sketch something you drink.

Justin's Something You Drink Picture.
This is Kool-aid (red, his favourite colour), sitting beside the kool-aid is the empty glass drying.

As always, they'll be published on Tuesday at Harmony Mom Sketch Tuesday's site.

My Passport to India

go here.

watch and learn about India. :)

the lad is THOROUGHLY enjoying it. :)

Put on by Mission to India and Sonlight curriculum.

Currently on day two, eagerly awaiting day three and beyond.....

My Passport to India

Join Mission India and Sonlight Curriculum for an amazing adventure in the nation of India!

Crafting sites

Here is a list of websites/stores that have craft projects or classes for kids

www.Michaels.com - Michael's even has a website with video crafts to do at home. Here are some fun Thanksgiving projects, and here are some free classes and demos.

www.Joann.com - craft supplies, videos and craft ideas.

Krafts for Children at Kaboose.

Amazing moms.

www.Lakeshore Learning.com - This website includes a teacher's section and crafts and activities.

Activity village.

The Home Depot does a wooden craft the second Saturday of the month (at least in the London area).

The Activity Cupboard.

They're ornaments, and they turn out beautifully. You can make them in all sizes and hang them around the house. You can add sequins, bows, or anything else pretty to them. Here are some instructions: http://www.marthastewart.com/article/snowy-ornaments

The crafty crow.

Bible based crafts.

Gifts in a Jar (I think J and I might do this for Christmas this year).

teaching GOOD math

The Letter "C" Lapbook

Letter practice sheet.
Circle Cat.
Dot to Dot.
What begins with C?
A "c" poem.
Lapbook Lessons. I tooka variety of things from the C book under alphabuddies.

Each lapbook I do also has the sign language letter in it as well. :) Can't recall where I found the sheet but there are different sheets throughout the web. :)

i also made a maze using this site. If you go here, you can see a list of a variety of puzzles that you can make.

Letter A Lapbook

if this sounds familiar.. it might be a bit, as we did the letter A a while back, but I can't find it and the lad wants to put all his alphabet stuff together. So .. we do it again, but do it a bit different. :)

First we printed off a bunch of cat pictures whose names began with "a". My boy is a cat crazy lad so this made sense to me.

Then we did this page. It's a word search and a copy letter page.

We checked out this apple shaped book. Alligator Pie Poem, and a-sorting.
I went to Lapbook lessons and did parts of the Adam and Eve Lapbook.

We made this Aquarium craft simply because it's fun to make crafts. :)

Enchanted Learning has a variety of activities as well.

Molly's October Digest

I got Molly's Money-Saving Digest for free in exchange for reviewing it. I've never seen one of Molly's Digests before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

She starts off the digest with a variety of recipes, they look pretty decent. She also included this REALLY neat bird wall thing that I just thought was very cool and made me think that even I could do something nifty like that for my walls. :) Following this was a menu plan to help you maximize your food... so using leftovers to make a brand new meal and such like. Some of those recipes looked downright yummy.

Knowing that it was on Socks, Suds and Savings made me somewhat skeptical. Why on earth would I want to read something about laundry? After all laundry is something one does once a week, and you just get her done.. one doesn't dwell on it. :)

It's packed full of information.. from how to sort, how to read labels, to tips to help you not have to do as much ironing (which incidentally I despise doing and tend to totally not do). It is just chock full of links to various sites as well.

I can't say I learned a whole lot new as my mother took her job seriously about teaching me homemaking skills BUT I did indeed learn something new and even my hubby learned it as I excitedly turned around and told him that we could make our own wooler balls! (as opposed to buying those expensive blue plastic things). :)

I did wish that the children's sorting area had been increased a bit, to make the explanation fuller. But overall I thought it was a product well put together, and for those in need of laundry assistance, to definitely pick it up for themselves.

You can purchase your very own copy by going here.

Library books - October 5

It's Moving day by Pamela Hickman

The lad likes this book. He asks questions. He learns some facts, though not all are accurate. It starts as it finishes and he really thinks that is interesting.

It is a blue Spruce award book.

Benjamin's Balloon by Alan Baker

A favourite of the lad. He likes the borrow the phrase "not bad for a beginner". Just catches his fancy.

Tiger Can't Sleep by S.J. Fore

This is a fun book. It has a tiger in it, so life is good. As Justin says "he's a silly cat!" The closing always brings a smile.

When Stella was very, very small by Marie-Louise Gay

Another Blue Spruce award book, the lad found this book intriguing the first couple of times we read it, but he hasn't requested, picked it out, or wanted me to pick it out since then. I thought it a decent read for the under 8 crowd.

You can't rush a cat by Karleen Bradford

The boy loves this book, and it's one that an adult could enjoy reading to their child as well. Fairly deserving of being a blue spruce award book. That little cat is just TOO intriguing.

Little Lions by Jim Arnosky

This book is a huge favourite. We've had this book out for ages and ages. Just loved this book. It's a simple read, good contrasts, and caused questions to be asked. Good book.

Tiger by Nick Butterworth

Yes, we got tiger out again. A favourite of our boy. A young tabby cat who wants to act like a tiger. Good book. Just loves this book and has it well memorized.

Hardworking Puppies by Lynn Reiser

A battle I think will ensue between a boy and his father. We plan to get a dog in the spring...the boy wants a beagle. HE LOVES the beagle, he's met three and this book has a beagle in it and therefore is a oft requested read. The boy's father says NO BEAGLES! :) It shall be interesting to see how this one turns out. :)

The Subway Mouse by Barbara Reid

What an enjoyable book to read. It's another blue spruce award book. The lad enjoys this book. I read it and wonder hmmm... could I turn this into a lapbook or unit study??? :)

Tigers - Kate Petty

an informative book, the lad enjoyed reading it as a supplement to our Tigers unit study by DownloadNGo.

Stanley's Wild ride by Linda Bailey

An enjoyable read, it's another blue spruce award book. An oft requested read by the lad.

How hot was it? by Jane Barclay.

Fun fun fun. This is just a fun read. A blue spruce award book.

Stanley at Sea by Linda Bailey

Like the other Stanley book, this one has been well enjoyed by a boy child. Caused questions to be asked which I always like. :)

Fly Guy books by tedd arnold

if you haven't met the fly guy books yet... go get 'em. They are fun read and the young crowd thoroughly enjoys them. The librarians at the London library recommended them to us. :)

The F Team by Anne Laurel Carter

The lad was unimpressed by this book. He just didn't like it...couldn't even finish reading the book. Also a blue spruce award book, but this one was a no go.

The Farm Team by Linda Bailey

Read this book twice with the lad, but the lad didn't really like it. The big bear...the boy didn't like him. "he's bad mommy".

Little Bunny's Pacifer Plan by Boelts

The lad likes this book. I'm hoping to use it as an encouragement to give up the thumb sucking. :) We'll probably get it out again since the lad likes it so much.

What we Learned today - October 5

Making a "i love candy corn" poem booklet. (and listening to various renditions of it throughout the rest of the day).

Painting (see earlier post today)
While the boy painted I served a secondary role
1. folding laundry in the kitchen while he painted
2. conversation maker
3. paint stirrer

Fractions - 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 while cutting up an apple for lunch

Proportions - while mixing paint colours together

Gifts in use

When my parents church closed they had leftover Sunday school items. The church gifted some of those items to me, and I in turn passed some of them along as well.

Today we made use of those of those items... paper from a very large roll and paint brushes.

To those items we added some tempura paints that I got off one of the local freecycle type groups yesterday.

The lad had fun
1. mixing colours
2. figuring what size of paint brush he wanted to use for each colour
3. painting a BIG picture.

I absolutely adore getting stuff for free. Doesn't matter what, if it's free I like it and can probably figure out something to do with it, or a place to pass it along too. But what I love even more is finding good uses to put that stuff to.

Paint, Paper and a homeschooled five year old boy... GOOD USE! :)

Contest time folks! From AOP!

This was sent to my inbox, seems to open to anyone willing to be part of their email list, they don't overburden folks with things either, so go ahead an enter if you like AOP materials.

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Passing forward links...

I think it was homeschooling mom who gave me this sites so I'm just passing them along.

GeekMom has this neat way of helping students gain map knowledge.

families on the road.
The purpose of the roadschooling pages is not to duplicate the hundreds of thousands of homeschooling sites and resources that are already available. But to arm those who live and work with their kids on the road with educational resources, no matter what form of homeschooling your family prescribes to.
Sixty Symbols. Videos about the symbols of physics and astronomy.

The History Game Canada

I have to admit, this really intrigues me....

It's the history game Canada.

AND you can even download it for free!
from the FAQ

The History Game Canada is a mod pack for Civ3 Conquest v1.22 and Civ3 Complete that is based on the History of Canada. It is intended as a playable fun addition to the Civilization game with a wealth of custom Canadian content. It’s very much a game of ‘What if ...?”; where players can toy with outcomes, now etched in history, but once hanging in the balance. It explores the parameters of history rather than the events, and allows players to live questions like … ”What if the Huron had displaced the 5 Nations Confederacy rather than the other way around?”; or “What if the French had retained Canada, and the English colonies to the East and South had failed to prosper?”

You’ll need a copy of Civilzation III Conquests (patched to version 1.22) or a copy of Civilization III Complete. Then you just have to download and install the game pack, check out the videos and resources on the website, and get started.

days of Homeschooling

Sketch Tuesday Artwork - something that begins with "R"

This week's assignment. Draw something that begins with "R"

I thought hmmm.. something that begins with R... what in the world can I draw that begins with an R? Rolling pin came to me in church this morning.. and I seriously thought about it... but curves not so good at them... hmmm... okay, let's continue thinking... I ended up doing a roof. seemed simple enough. Justin's verdict "pretty good for a beginner". :) But then he had to finish the rest of the building. :)

Justin's R word.
let me explain this one. I thought he might like to do a picture of a rabbit but I wanted it to be HIS idea, so I started him giving him "R" words. Roof, rat, ribbit, etc (thinking he'd say rabbit). He got captured by the idea of how do you draw a sound? So...he drew the sound waves of a frog saying "ribbit". :)

As always, they'll be published on Tuesday at Harmony Mom Sketch Tuesday's site.

contest entry - Penny raine

Penny raine is having another contest.

$50 gift certificate to her store.

How about $50 gift certificate to my bookstore?

Giveaway ends Monday October 4 at midnight. There are several ways to get extra entries

Free Language Lessons

FSI language Courses

Welcome to fsi-language-courses.org - the home for language courses developed by the Foreign Service Institute.

These courses were developed by the United States government and are in the public domain.

This site is dedicated to making these language courses freely available in an electronic format. This site is not affiliated in any way with any government entity; it is an independent, non-profit effort to foster the learning of worldwide languages. Courses here are made available through the private efforts of individuals who are donating their time and resources to provide quality materials for language learning.