Gifts in use

When my parents church closed they had leftover Sunday school items. The church gifted some of those items to me, and I in turn passed some of them along as well.

Today we made use of those of those items... paper from a very large roll and paint brushes.

To those items we added some tempura paints that I got off one of the local freecycle type groups yesterday.

The lad had fun
1. mixing colours
2. figuring what size of paint brush he wanted to use for each colour
3. painting a BIG picture.

I absolutely adore getting stuff for free. Doesn't matter what, if it's free I like it and can probably figure out something to do with it, or a place to pass it along too. But what I love even more is finding good uses to put that stuff to.

Paint, Paper and a homeschooled five year old boy... GOOD USE! :)

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