Sketch Tuesday Artwork - something that begins with "R"

This week's assignment. Draw something that begins with "R"

I thought hmmm.. something that begins with R... what in the world can I draw that begins with an R? Rolling pin came to me in church this morning.. and I seriously thought about it... but curves not so good at them... hmmm... okay, let's continue thinking... I ended up doing a roof. seemed simple enough. Justin's verdict "pretty good for a beginner". :) But then he had to finish the rest of the building. :)

Justin's R word.
let me explain this one. I thought he might like to do a picture of a rabbit but I wanted it to be HIS idea, so I started him giving him "R" words. Roof, rat, ribbit, etc (thinking he'd say rabbit). He got captured by the idea of how do you draw a sound? So...he drew the sound waves of a frog saying "ribbit". :)

As always, they'll be published on Tuesday at Harmony Mom Sketch Tuesday's site.

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