What We Learned this week - Oct 25-29.

Well this week has been a good week thus far. Having a general outline/schedule is very helpful. :)

We did day three of of the unit study from Download N Go on Terrific Tigers.
We learned that Sumatran tigers have webbed feet, watched good videos, and just had fun learning about tigers. Justin made a mural of tigers on a mountain.

We started to work on Expedition Australia, we just got to the first part of day one. This is a harder study for a five year old lad. He's currently working on colouring in the world map. There is a whole whack of information in it, he was fascinated by the giant clam in one of the first videos that we watched. This is also a DownloadnGo product.

We volunteered at the Rummage Sale for the local hospital. We were there for two hours and the lad helped with putting price tags on items and helping me sort out the cutlery.

He did gymnastics on Monday.

He did gym on Tuesday with the homeschool group. This was held at the Startford YMCA and costs $6 for 8 weeks. He had a hoot learning some kickboxing moves and playing hockey with the big boys.

On Wednesday he was part of Story Club while I was at bible study at the local Christian Reformed Church. We are studying the Psalms, they are working through creation (as far as I can tell). He made a great craft and learned more about Adam and Eve, how God made each one of us in his own image.

Today we'll be making hallowe'en cupcakes and doing a study on Hallowe'en. The study called Happy halloween that we are doing is good for a variety of ages, and comes from the Simple Homeschool. It has a maze, copy work, listen and remember exercises and so forth. I like it, and the lad is looking forward to doing it.

I have to interject this.
My boyo sometimes makes me laugh. The maze had two friends looking for a path to the candy corn. So he drew two paths. One friend kept on going the wrong way (complete with "uh, wrong way" being muttered under his breath) and had to retrace his steps and then mommy had to help the other friend show the first friend which way to go (with comments of --- yea!, see, this is how you go, see he's helping my friend find the candy! YEA!! you helped me!!! (this last being the lost friend talking)). He just makes me chuckle. :)

we will also be doing this unit from Ingles on Hallowe'en. Oops...not this exact one, but one similar that has a game in it. Spooktacular letters that's the one we are doing. :)

Pics of what we did today.
First you start with some muffins :)
then you make the icing, you start with a basic white icing and add food colouring... it looks like a lollipop as you mix it in. Much to the delight and interest of a five year old. we were aiming for black, but he thought grey was good too. :)

You add some smarties (sorry trick or treaters, you won't be getting them).

the finished product, they all ended up with three "friend" smarties sitting with each other on top.
We brought two to our very nice neighbours who live next door to us. They are so kind to us that this was just a small thing for us to do for them, and they were simply delighted. :)

AND tomorrow he'll be doing the last HOPE day with dad for the fall season.

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