What we Learned today - November 30

Expedition Australia, Day Two. We continued this study today. There was lots of drawing to do today, which my lad just thoroughly enjoyed. Even though he would much rather draw what HE wants to draw, he also tries hard to draw what he's asked to draw as well.

We learned about telling time, about working with a thermometer, learned a few fascinating facts about a Thorny Devil (an animal from Australia that gets water from crevasses in it's skin, and only eats ants). It was NOT our animal of the day, but it was never the less a very fascinating animal.

We did a couple of crafts, did the lapbooking exercises (not all, but most), and just had fun visiting Australia on the computer. This unit study is also available directly from DownloadNGo.

After we did that, we worked outside for a bit...the lad was out for 20 minutes before "mommy, my hands are frozen". so in he went and entertained himself while I finished cleaning up the backyard. It was a job that kept me busy for a good hour and a bit. I was frozen when I finally got back in, the lad was helpful by getting me the things I needed to keep the house from being a total mess with mucky boots and wet times coming in and being put in the garage to dry off before being put away for the winter.

Yesterday while in London I stopped at a lady's house who was selling some homeschool stuff. I get a Jump Start animal Adventure CD from her. The lad and I had fun playing with it until he got his confidence up that he could play it well, and then I got supper going and some laundry on the way while he played. He learned about different animals and had fun while doing so. It was worth the $2 asking price. :)

We have started reading a book at night after supper. We try to read it as a family as much as possible. I picked one at random, but we might start being more deliberate about the books that we choose in the future. We are reading "The Secret of the Hidden Cave" by Bettilu Davies. We are up to Chapter 10 now, another 7 days and we'll have a new book to read.

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and tiggers are wonderful things....

Or in the eyes of one Five year old lad...NOT! Tiggers are NOT wonderful things. Tiggers get frowns thrown at them. :)

Today we did day five of the terrific tigers unit study. You can buy it from download N go right here. :) OR from the Old Schoolhouse.

We had some fun doing the study today.

We learned about people stripes (finger prints) and we learned about pug marks. And that people have footprints (not pugmarks) and they like tigers, our footprints are different. We put our feet in water and stood on a piece of paper. We learned how they are the same, and how they are different. Just like every tiger's stripes are different, so are every person's finger prints different.

VERY fascinating. We managed two different ways of getting our finger prints. One was by using a fingerprint from one of the child ID places, and the other by taking pencil, rubbing it on some paper, rubbing our finger over the pencil marks and then taking a piece of tape to preserve the pencil rubbing off our fingers. The lad thought this was very cool.

We had a brief look at the Indochinese tiger today. and completely skipped the "tiggers" part of the study. That was just not a good thing. and Silly Odin... putting his head under the water! Doesn't he know that tigers don't like getting their heads wet!

A good study today, though a bit of a challenge at times to keep a lad's focus on continuing the study...MUCH too intriguing to get finger and foot prints. :)

Today we managed to keep going...

we .....
Cleaned up a bit in the living room/school area. Making it I hope more user friendly.

Played a memory game. We tied our game and then got distracted by our need to leave the house immediately to get to HOPE gym time on TIME.

Practiced writing letters.

Went to gym time with the local homeschool group (HOPE).

Learned about hamster food and the different types at the pet food store, and put the hamster into a new cage in the house. *yes, in the future I'll buy it cheaper at the farm supply* but it was a good opportunity for him to practice talking with sales clerks and to listen to them when they talked to him.

and then learned about trains and fine tuned hand eye coordination playing train station on facebook. :)


The lad enjoys going to gymnastics. When told he was going to gymnastics today I got a very enthusiastic "YIPPEE" complete with disappointment that we were going to Wal-mart first. We were half an hour early for gymnastics so needed to find someway to keep ourselves busy. :)

He had a good time today and did his first completely unassisted back flip through the rings today. :)

We got him signed up and paid for a new session starting in January. He'll be with a different group of children this time, the 6-8 year olds, but his coach says he's ready to be with them. He listens well and can complete most of what is asked for.

I'm glad that he has fun, I'm thrilled that he's learning new things, and I'm pleased that he has such a positive attitude to learning from a person different than mommy.

Marble Run

My thanks to 22 Words for this.

thanksgiving pages

Audrey's thanksgiving crafts

Turkey cookies...these look fun.

What We Learned today - November 18

Oh Heavens I am Sooooo tired today. Moving very slowly. So we didn't start looking at homeschooling until almost 11 a.m. It took me that long to get functional.

Anyways, We continued to work on our Ben Franklin unit study from DownLoad'nGo.
We learned about inventions and being a person of good character. We did all of Day three and part of Day four. Why not do all of day four? because the lad is five, we're Canadian and it was talking about statesmen and building America. I'd rather not worry about learning stateside stuff at this point. :)

We learned about the glass armonica and even got to play one on-line. When daddy tried it later without telling us we could tell what he was doing as it has a very distinctive sound and caused a giggle from a lad. :)

We learned about being a person of good character, about how much fun it is to be curious and to like learning. We learned about all kinds of different tools. Because that indeed is what a lot of inventions are right? the ability to make a tool to make doing something easier. A fork is a tool, a computer is a tool, a knife is a tool, a compass is a tool and so forth. we had fun going through the house and finding different types of tools. and then the lad drew a picture a picture of a tool (a car with a whole lot of windows).

Ben Franklin - DNG Review

I signed up with DownloadNGo to do the Ben Franklin study. I have to admit, I was somewhat hesitant to do so, I like getting stuff free and then being able to review it, but I see Benjamin Franklin as being a real American icon, and did I want to take time to teach a five year old about him at this stage? Really wasn't sure, do know though that I'm glad I signed up for it. "Mommy! Can we learn more??" I heard this twice during the study. :)

Day one he drew this On Day Two we learned about making trade signs and different places in the world that Ben went to. We used our big map to look for those countries and when we went out in the afternoon, they had a big map there too so the lad needed to use his memory to figure out where Ben went. :)

And Today we learned about inventing and being a person of good Character.
We had a hoot playing a glass armonica and learning about electricity and street lights! We tested out how to be honest, generous, curious and being brave. This was just fun to test out emotions and thoughts by the things we say and do.

Here's an overview of what you get in a unit study from DownloadNGo
We haven't made it to day five yet and not sure if we will this week or not. Time will tell, when we do, I'll link to it here as well. :)

Each study is set out to be done over five days, but you can do them however you wish, they are easy to modify and easy to take side trips off of (aka... we took a side trip to figure out why Ben Franklin disliked the eagle and liked the turkey). The lad wasn't sure if he agreed with Ben or not. :)

Day 1: Who Was Ben Franklin?
Day 2: People and Places in Ben Franklin’s Life
Day 3: The Accomplishments of Ben Franklin
Day 4: Lessons to Learn From Ben Franklin
Day 5: Remembering Ben Franklin

Each day has a variety of activities to complete from colouring, drawing, making small books, activities for older children and younger children, books you can get out of the library, embedded videos, and links to a variety of pages on-line.

Now I have to admit I had two problems with this study
1. conflicting information on-line. For instance when asked how many brothers and sisters ben had, one site said one amount, another site said a different amount. That was confusing and caused a "I DON"T KNOW MOMMY!!! THEY SAY IT DIFFERENTER FROM THE OTHER!" (he likes to be right and sometimes gets loud if he just doesn't it or if the information seems wrong) Mind you, it did lead to a quieter discussion of how it is sometimes hard to find information that tells the truth online, and sometimes even in books, and that's why we go to different sites/books and compare and then take the commonly accepted answer UNLESS there's a reason not to.

2. maps. We need different maps. Trying to match up a detail map with a non-detail maps was very simply beyond our scope this week. And I just wasn't up for a search to find my own better map...though hold on.. I guess I could have gone to blackline to see if THEY had a detail map of the colonies..... hmm...I will need to look into that. :)

You can get Ben Franklin from The Old schoolhouse for $6.25 right now, usually it costs $7.95. It also comes as part of the patriotic package. with George Washington, Constitution Celebration, and Ben Franklin. for $23.85.

The Study of Ben Franklin is currently on sale for $6.25 is available at DownloadNGo

To read what other reviewers have to say, go here. I know that I learned new ways that I can expand out study from reading them. Some were just a fun read. :)

What we Learned today - November 17

We continued to work on our Ben Franklin unit study from DownLoad'nGo.

We did most of day two today, modifying it a bit to make it workable for a five year.

instead of making a trade sign for ben franklin's print shop, he made a trade sign for his "robot maker shop" that he wants to be when he grows up. I thought it fitting enough. :)

We also didn't worry about definitions too much. My lad has a rather nasty cold and it just wasn't sinking into his head regardless of how many times I read it over....does he at five really need to understand a colony or a founding father? Didn't think so. :)

DID discover a problem. They asked us to put an 'x' on the world map for where philadelphia was...but the link they sent was for a small part of the US, but the world map was in a much different scale so we just couldn't figure this morning. This is something I would like changed with this particular exercise.

This afternoon we're going to London to be part of a new homeschool group. We're making and decorating shoeboxes for Christmas. :)

What we Learned today - November 16

Well...we learned that the lad's bunny Peek-a-Mommy is a good first time mommy. She had seven kits in a nicely made nest. :) Peek-a-mommy is a vienna marked New Zealand bunny and as such obviously isn't a purebred. But she's a good bunny for the lad. :)

We started to work on our Ben Franklin unit study from DownLoad'nGo. I honestly didn't think we'd enjoy reviewing this study, but to our surprise we did! The lad practiced writing, colouring, drawing. He learned that sometimes different webpages will give different information and its not always easy to find the correct answer. He practiced listening closely to videos to get answers. Not always so easy to do, but a necessary skill. We had fun with writing out the word draw. He got it right the first time, and then the next two times wrote out dram, and so the third time he asked for (and received) help in getting the "w" right. He's a boy who worries about having the right answers, so it's better to have fun with mistakes and keep the learning going rather than correct over something that is a child learning writing skill set.

We learned the grey squirrel was imported by Ben to England where they proceeded to give the native red squirrel a run for the money. (not a good thing that) and he even wrote a poem about a squirrel. :)

We headed off in the afternoon to go to gym time with the homeschool group HOPE from Stratford. We got there a bit late but the lad had fun.

We got back home with a tired lad who ended up taking a half hour nap while watching Corner Gas and still went to bed easily at 8 p.m. I really wish we could fight off this cold.

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The Digital Holiday Supplement

I got this for free. It's chock full of interesting things...recipes, crafts, stories, ALL about the holidays. Go get it, why not? IT IS FREE! With holiday inspiration, festive articles and encouragement galore.

Curiosity Files

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I've looked these over and they sound fascinating, but they are geared for 8 years and up so I"ll wait a spell before I buy them myself but since they look good, I thought I'd post them for you to check out yourself.

The blue diamond

The blue footed booby

The dung beetle

Puffer Fish

Red Tide

Zombie Fire Ants

They also have pick two and pick three package deals.

Spring and Fall Expo MP3s

Even though our 2010 May and Fall Schoolhouse EXPOs have come and gone, you can still enjoy listening to the MP3s. Apparently a good seller for TOS, is it any wonder? With the wisdom and expertise of great speakers, and the convenience of listening at home in your pajamas, the EXPO is a wonderful source for homeschool encouragement. I enjoyed listening to these. Good encouragement as well as thought provoking at times. :)

Library Books to Return - November 17

Fox walked alone

what an excellent book. The lad enjoyed this one so much he almost has it completely memorized. it's a noah's ark story.

Scaredy Squirrel

This book was just a fun read about a very silly squirrel. Generated questions of "why does he wash his hands?" "why is he scared so that?"

There's a cow under my bed!

Another silly book that had the boy looking serious and sucking his thumb. Not a lot of comments made, but lots of intense listening.

A Pioneer Thanksgiving.

I got this book out for the craft and game ideas, never did get around to it as it's been a busy three weeks, complete with a cold. Some good stuff in it though, also read one story to the lad which kept him curious and interested.

Wake Up Henry Rooster!

Another just fun read. An easy to read story about a fun loving rooster, inspired lots of crowing by the lad at night when we read it.

Miko, It was me, Mom!

a good read, entertaining. Inspired questions. Talked about burglars, and why some things are bad and other things are right.

Nobody's Nosier than a cat

We have had this book out so many times. A favourite of my cat-loving lad. it's a fun read, you get to watch a cat chase a mouse throughout the book. The lad has it 90% memorized and KNOWS when I miss a page.

A dog for a friend

Requested twice to read by the lad, this book is a quieter book with a surprise in it. Caused a "huh?" from the lad. It's a longer read so not one I chose as a bed time story, more of a day time story book which is when I chose to read it.

Clara and the bossy

The lad surprised me with this one, he chose it several times to read as a night time story. it's a good read about friendships and being yourself.

Camels Always Do.

This is a true stories about camels in Canada. I found it quite interesting, the lad less so. "I don't like camels Mommy" he told me with all seriousness.

Spark the firefighter

Would YOU think of a dragon being a firefighter? I wouldn't. Read the book to find out why. :)

Two Dogs Swimming

This is a make me smile book. Caused the lad to pose questions as well. It's a decent read about two best friend dogs with one small problem.

Socialization? what of it?

Miss M over at 24 Carrot Rabbitry wrote a piece on Socialization. I thought she did an excellent job. :)

My thoughts on socialization....

1. can my boy talk with other people regardless of age?
2. can my boy play with other people regardless of age?
3. can my boy play nicely with other people, and if they aren't nice can he tell them that OR come to me for assistance?
4. can my boy display polite and appropriate behaviour?

Other than that...I worry not.
I'd rather keep him at home and avoid
1. nasty teachers
2. bullying
3. inept teachers
4. education that he doesn't need to have without a solid Christian basis for explaining it. (aka...some things are sin and therefore is wrong, so hate the sin because it separates the person from God, but love the person none-the-less).

Books of the Bible

found in the adventure bible.
This just intrigued me for teaching the lad the books of the bible.

Genesis tells how God created us.
next comes Exodus and Leviticus.
Numbers and Deuteronomy tell
great stories of wandering Israel.

Joshua has stories of war and victory.
Judges tells of problems in Jewish history
Next comes Ruth - you'll find in this book
the story of Boaz and the wife he took.

Samuel contains books one and two.
Kings and Chronicles also do.
In Ezra and Nehemiah the Jews come home.
Esther is the story of a rise to the throne.

Job is a story of hope and sadness.
The Psalms are poems of praise and gladness.
Proverbs gives us wise things to do.
Ecclesiastes contains much good advice too.

Song of Songs - a poem of love and devotion -
Is expressed in words of strong emotion.
Isaiah and Jeremiah are books of prophecy.
Lamentations laments a sad time in history.
Ezekiel and Daniel take place in captivity.
Hosea, Joel and Amos are the next three.
Obadiah is a short little book.
Jonah is a great story - take a look.
Micah, Nahum and Habbakuk prophesy.
Then come Zephaniah and Haggai.
Zechariah and Malachi are at the end;
Then a long time of silence God did send.

Matthew and Mark with Luke and John
Tell of the teachings of God's son.
Acts reports on the apostle's work
With the people of the early church.
Take a look at Romans - you'll find within
How faith in Jesus can cover sin.
Next comes First and Second Corinthians.
Followed by Galatians, Ephesians and Philippines.
Colossians explains what Faith can do.
Thessalonians and Timothy have books one and two.
Titus tells us to carry on.
The next in line is Philemon.
Hebrews follows - a well-known book -
Chapter eleven at the subject of faith takes a look.
James tells what a Christian should do.
Followed by Peter - books one and two.
Then comes John's letters - one, two and three.
Jude is next, and as brief as can be.
The Revelation of John comes at the end.
And tells of a Saviour who's coming again.

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Craft pages

AHC Arts and Crafts

all sorts of crafty things. rather a neat site indeed. :)

ARTS AND CRAFTS PROJECTS FOR KIDS: Crafts Ideas by Materials Used, Theme, and also Trash to Treasure Crafts Projects and Coloring Pages. These Will Entertain your Preschoolers, Teens, Toddlers, and Young Children.

A Variety of Things

Homeschooling-ideas.com sent me their newsletter which is filled with a variety of good ideas. Sign up for it yourselves and get all these ideas sent right to you. :) I have to admit, I really liked the idea of doing a photography week... and using that as a time to make photocalenders as gifts. Use a theme, teach light/shadows etc. I can see this one being a good one for hubby to work on with the lad as he's our camera man.

Medieval Japan Is is a lapbook/unit study that dynamic mom is making with her family. She also has one on the Renaissance.

Apples 4 teachers. Note this site will ask you to join a newsletter.
Elementary Creative Arts and Crafts
Interactive educational games and online activities for kids

Hoagies Gifted Education Page

(Free) Online High School Courses & Curriculum Materials

Laura Chandler has educational resources.


52 character building thoughts for children


Did you know they have a nice freebie section?

I got a membership for a year into the Treasury, which gives me full access to their whole site. Their yearly price I thought was quite reasonable.

As much as I'm not into a lot of copywork I find they give good outlines for doing bird studies, or people studies and what not. They also have good quotation pages.

I also just discovered today that they have a planners section. :)

Anyways, here's a link to the freebies on their site.

November holidays and special days

November Holidays and Special Days

I just might do some of these. :)

Review: Expedition Australia

Let me start off by saying that I got a copy of this unit study in return for reviewing it.
I've been interested in the expedition series ever since I first heard about them as country study I find fascinating. These unit studies are well done. They've done all the research for you, while allowing side trips if you want to take them.

Well, let me explain that my five year old has been not feeling well for the past couple of weeks and this week his head and chest have exploded into a rather nasty cold. This has caused us to go slowly with our homeschooling efforts.

So we managed to get day one done of this study. Woot woot! We will over the next 4 weeks cover the rest of this study. :) Here is day two's review. :)

We took our time with it and just had fun with it.
There is a map of the world that we're supposed to colour code, they gave suggested colours...but "mommy! can I do it differenter than that"?
"Sure buddy, just pick whatever colours you want".
And...so he did. :) We did our own version of colour coding the world.

Today we looked at how far Canberra is from us, and learned that going backwards was faster to get to Australia then going over Africa. He found that immensely funny and then proceeded to exercise that new knowledge by testing out shorter ways to get from one place to another in our house and by drawing different maps on pieces of paper. Oh.. we couldn't get the link - the one included for seeing how far it was from our town to Canberra - to work for us for some reason (possibly because we live in a small town) so we went to google maps. Google maps made us both laugh as they suggested we kayak across the ocean. :)

NOTE: we are in the middle of renovating our living room so having a five year old doing things "backwards" as he practiced finding shorter cut going backwards was at times a bit of a talking through challenge. :) White footprints (plaster dust) in places one doesn't expect always adds interest in life doesn't it? :) Humour is good.

We learned today just how big the great barrier reef was....the lad found that fascinating. One of the videos they include has a plane flying over the barrier reef. All those little items was just a cause for curiousity.

Some of this study is over the head of a five year old, and the animal of the day being koalas...well what can I say. I can definitively say that the lad DOES NOT LIKE koala bears (which incidentally aren't bears, they are marsupials). Marsupials have pouches which is for some reason very funny. How can a mommy carry a baby in a pouch? Doesn't it fall out? How does it get out? Does it bounce when the mommy jumps? that baby must get all wiggly.... complete with a five year old doing a wiggly dance of a dizzy koala baby. (I had to keep him from hitting his head on the coffee table). :)
So...I suppose you might want to know what the rest of the study entails.

Day one: Where on Earth is Australia
Day two: Some of the special places in Australia
Day three: A bit of Australian History
Day four: Cool things to know about Australia
Day five: Fun and Games in Australia

Each day includes videos. Activity sheets. An animal of the day. Vocabulary words and so much more. It's a well done study.

And hey! DownloadNGo is doing an Australia map giveaway! Go there, enter. My philosophy...if you don't enter you can't win. And well...winning is fun! :)

If you go here, you'll learn how you can get Expedition Australia for $5.95 from now through Nov 8.

Also available at the Old Schoolhouse. :)

You'll find more reviews listed here.

Sketch Tuesday - something made in China

Sketch Tuesday - something made in China.

The lad decided that he should draw a plate and some tea....after all we all know that tea comes from China, and his favourite plates were made in China as well. ...they aren't green (one blue, one red)....but apparently they want to be green. No...I don't understand it either. :)

The tea is the small green drawing in the bottom corner opposite my writing.

Next week it will be put up at Harmony Mom. So stayed tuned. :)


Maps ETC - Historic maps for students & teachers

Resources on Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin work sheet.

ABC Teach

ABC Teach

This site intrigues. Not sure enough to enroll in it, but I'm going to give it some thought none the less.

it does have a freebie section that I'll be perusing.

TOS is having a sale

$10 one-year (U.S) subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine-Click Here!

$10 gift subscriptions to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine--click here!

Classic Children's Books

The Best Online Classic Children's Books

All different types.

Looks intriguing.

Mammoth Math - resources

Tons of mammoth math resources.

Divided by category.

Go check it out. :)

Geometry games.


This Site is neat.

Gives all the math things that a child is to know in Kindergarten. Very neat. :)
it's also very neat that they give examples of what they mean in case you have no earthly clue. (face it...kindergarten was a fair time ago). :)

Numbers and counting up to 3

Data and graphs