and tiggers are wonderful things....

Or in the eyes of one Five year old lad...NOT! Tiggers are NOT wonderful things. Tiggers get frowns thrown at them. :)

Today we did day five of the terrific tigers unit study. You can buy it from download N go right here. :) OR from the Old Schoolhouse.

We had some fun doing the study today.

We learned about people stripes (finger prints) and we learned about pug marks. And that people have footprints (not pugmarks) and they like tigers, our footprints are different. We put our feet in water and stood on a piece of paper. We learned how they are the same, and how they are different. Just like every tiger's stripes are different, so are every person's finger prints different.

VERY fascinating. We managed two different ways of getting our finger prints. One was by using a fingerprint from one of the child ID places, and the other by taking pencil, rubbing it on some paper, rubbing our finger over the pencil marks and then taking a piece of tape to preserve the pencil rubbing off our fingers. The lad thought this was very cool.

We had a brief look at the Indochinese tiger today. and completely skipped the "tiggers" part of the study. That was just not a good thing. and Silly Odin... putting his head under the water! Doesn't he know that tigers don't like getting their heads wet!

A good study today, though a bit of a challenge at times to keep a lad's focus on continuing the study...MUCH too intriguing to get finger and foot prints. :)

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