Books of the Bible

found in the adventure bible.
This just intrigued me for teaching the lad the books of the bible.

Genesis tells how God created us.
next comes Exodus and Leviticus.
Numbers and Deuteronomy tell
great stories of wandering Israel.

Joshua has stories of war and victory.
Judges tells of problems in Jewish history
Next comes Ruth - you'll find in this book
the story of Boaz and the wife he took.

Samuel contains books one and two.
Kings and Chronicles also do.
In Ezra and Nehemiah the Jews come home.
Esther is the story of a rise to the throne.

Job is a story of hope and sadness.
The Psalms are poems of praise and gladness.
Proverbs gives us wise things to do.
Ecclesiastes contains much good advice too.

Song of Songs - a poem of love and devotion -
Is expressed in words of strong emotion.
Isaiah and Jeremiah are books of prophecy.
Lamentations laments a sad time in history.
Ezekiel and Daniel take place in captivity.
Hosea, Joel and Amos are the next three.
Obadiah is a short little book.
Jonah is a great story - take a look.
Micah, Nahum and Habbakuk prophesy.
Then come Zephaniah and Haggai.
Zechariah and Malachi are at the end;
Then a long time of silence God did send.

Matthew and Mark with Luke and John
Tell of the teachings of God's son.
Acts reports on the apostle's work
With the people of the early church.
Take a look at Romans - you'll find within
How faith in Jesus can cover sin.
Next comes First and Second Corinthians.
Followed by Galatians, Ephesians and Philippines.
Colossians explains what Faith can do.
Thessalonians and Timothy have books one and two.
Titus tells us to carry on.
The next in line is Philemon.
Hebrews follows - a well-known book -
Chapter eleven at the subject of faith takes a look.
James tells what a Christian should do.
Followed by Peter - books one and two.
Then comes John's letters - one, two and three.
Jude is next, and as brief as can be.
The Revelation of John comes at the end.
And tells of a Saviour who's coming again.

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