Terrific Tigers - Day Four

Today we did day four of the terrific tigers unit study. You can buy it from download N go right here. :) OR from the Old Schoolhouse.

Did you know that there are only 12-90 Amoy (South Chinese) Tigers left in the world? At the most there are 30 in the wild, the rest are in zoos or on reserves. The lad learned that this means that the amoy tiger is endangered.

Our bathroom is as long as a male south chinese tiger is long.

We had fun roaring through the house today. The lad went upstairs to each room and roared. I sat at the computer and listened. Then it was my turn. He stayed at the top of the stairs listening for my roar. He couldn't hear me from the back bathroom. In the wild a tiger roar can be heard for 2 miles!

We had fun though a lad with a cold had a hard time staying on task today. :) He'll spend most of the rest of the day relaxing and rebuilding his energies. Lots of fluid and couch rest. :)

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  1. i already downloaded n go,well u doing good work,


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