What we Learned today - November 16

Well...we learned that the lad's bunny Peek-a-Mommy is a good first time mommy. She had seven kits in a nicely made nest. :) Peek-a-mommy is a vienna marked New Zealand bunny and as such obviously isn't a purebred. But she's a good bunny for the lad. :)

We started to work on our Ben Franklin unit study from DownLoad'nGo. I honestly didn't think we'd enjoy reviewing this study, but to our surprise we did! The lad practiced writing, colouring, drawing. He learned that sometimes different webpages will give different information and its not always easy to find the correct answer. He practiced listening closely to videos to get answers. Not always so easy to do, but a necessary skill. We had fun with writing out the word draw. He got it right the first time, and then the next two times wrote out dram, and so the third time he asked for (and received) help in getting the "w" right. He's a boy who worries about having the right answers, so it's better to have fun with mistakes and keep the learning going rather than correct over something that is a child learning writing skill set.

We learned the grey squirrel was imported by Ben to England where they proceeded to give the native red squirrel a run for the money. (not a good thing that) and he even wrote a poem about a squirrel. :)

We headed off in the afternoon to go to gym time with the homeschool group HOPE from Stratford. We got there a bit late but the lad had fun.

We got back home with a tired lad who ended up taking a half hour nap while watching Corner Gas and still went to bed easily at 8 p.m. I really wish we could fight off this cold.

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