What we Learned today - November 17

We continued to work on our Ben Franklin unit study from DownLoad'nGo.

We did most of day two today, modifying it a bit to make it workable for a five year.

instead of making a trade sign for ben franklin's print shop, he made a trade sign for his "robot maker shop" that he wants to be when he grows up. I thought it fitting enough. :)

We also didn't worry about definitions too much. My lad has a rather nasty cold and it just wasn't sinking into his head regardless of how many times I read it over....does he at five really need to understand a colony or a founding father? Didn't think so. :)

DID discover a problem. They asked us to put an 'x' on the world map for where philadelphia was...but the link they sent was for a small part of the US, but the world map was in a much different scale so we just couldn't figure this morning. This is something I would like changed with this particular exercise.

This afternoon we're going to London to be part of a new homeschool group. We're making and decorating shoeboxes for Christmas. :)

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