What We Learned today - November 18

Oh Heavens I am Sooooo tired today. Moving very slowly. So we didn't start looking at homeschooling until almost 11 a.m. It took me that long to get functional.

Anyways, We continued to work on our Ben Franklin unit study from DownLoad'nGo.
We learned about inventions and being a person of good character. We did all of Day three and part of Day four. Why not do all of day four? because the lad is five, we're Canadian and it was talking about statesmen and building America. I'd rather not worry about learning stateside stuff at this point. :)

We learned about the glass armonica and even got to play one on-line. When daddy tried it later without telling us we could tell what he was doing as it has a very distinctive sound and caused a giggle from a lad. :)

We learned about being a person of good character, about how much fun it is to be curious and to like learning. We learned about all kinds of different tools. Because that indeed is what a lot of inventions are right? the ability to make a tool to make doing something easier. A fork is a tool, a computer is a tool, a knife is a tool, a compass is a tool and so forth. we had fun going through the house and finding different types of tools. and then the lad drew a picture a picture of a tool (a car with a whole lot of windows).

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