Christmas Bureau

Today we helped out at the Huron County Christmas Bureau.

We were there for about 2 hours. Justin did a fabulous job helping sort mittens, hats, socks, slippers and underwear. he had FUN ripping off price tags and then sticking them in mommy's pocket to take home to play with later. he walked around with another lad (looked about 6-7) collecting garbage. He was a very busy, very helpful boy and at the two hour mark said "MOMMY, Can we go home now?" Figuring he had done an excellent job and knowing that I had said we'd be there 1-2 hours I was happy to take him home (after we did some shopping first).

I see volunteer work as an important part of schooling and life and was absolutely delighted that he was allowed to come and help out. It's good to develop a servant's heart in a person. It really is.

Anyways... What else did we do?

Oh, this morning we did day one of the Creative Camouflage unit study from DownLoadNGo.
The lad found part of it interesting, but he was more interested in being able to do "other stuff". So we worked on it together. He found it interesting that zebras used stripes like tigers do. He found the walking stick insect just TOO confusing. Walking sticks are used by old people to walk around with, they AREN"T INSECTS MOMMY! BUT he did find it fascinating that they are observed in order to help build robotic times. I enjoyed the study, but think easier studies are more fun for the lad overall. :)

And tonight before bed we finished off part of the Currclick Trains mini lapbook. There was a section there for counting that the lad hadn't finished off yet. It gave him good practice remembering how to write out the different numbers from 1-10.

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