Creation Camouflage - DNG Review and Contest

Ah...animal we come. DownLoadNGo has a unit study/lap book on Critters and how they hide. :) Creation Camouflage available now. :) Creation Camouflage was the review of the week for DownLoadNGo. Given that it is the Christmas Season, we had five days of an incredible amount of snow falling with needing the help clear it, we only brouched two days of this study. Day one and day four. All told we got about four feet of snow, which compacted down to 2-3 feet. It was heavy sloughing for a while. Download N Go studies are 5 day - complete unit studies. All you have to do is "download n Go". There is no prep work needed!! They have lap book elements so it's easy to turn your work into a lap book. Lots of graphics, lots of links, lots of information, and a really good book list which you can use or not.

Each day has a particular focus.

Day 1: Hiding in Plain Sight
Day 2: Getting to Know the Rain Forest
Day 3: What Is in the Desert?
Day 4: Hiding in the Ocean
Day 5: Cool Things About the Tundra

My lad was absolutely fascinated to learn that hunters and the hunted can use the same way to hide! Tigers can use stripes so what they are looking forward can't see them, and at the same time what they are looking using stripes so they can't be seen! Absolutely amazing for him to learn this. Having a bunny with a white coat on white snow was a good way for the bunny to hide...but I can still see him mommy. Showing him a brown bunny on snow made it really clear to him which one was easier to see. For a boy who likes bunnies and cats VERY much this section really worked for him.
I was able to remind the lad how we found the Cicada shell on the bike in the backyard and on the tree bark and which ones were easier to see, and how we found one still alive that had just crawled out and how it was able to cling to the bark and when we were farther away from it how hard it was to see it.

And how can one hide in the ocean? "It's just water mommy." He learned that in the ocean there is much more than water. There are plants and rocks and coral.... and all the fish can use those things to hide in. Learning about how a squid hides was hard for him to really get a grasp on until we played a computer game called Animal Genius from Scholastic. On that is a game where the octopus has to hide from a fish by using his ink! That was FUNNY and it worked "HE GOT AWAY MOMMY!". was hollered with great excitement!
What my lad likes about these studies is he has lots of opportunities to draw things. He doesn't always like what he's asked to draw, but often he can encouraged to do so, or we find a new way to do things (aka can you trace over top of this drawing?). I love the fact that there are so many links included that finding different ways of doing an exercise isn't very difficult at all.

Creation Camouflage will be on sale from Dec 13-18 for $5.95 at DownLoadNGo.
You can read other reviews here. And did you know that DownLoadNGo has a blog? Yep, you can find it right here. :) Catch all the latest news.

Oh and Guess What? I've been allowed to offer up ONE copy of this study for you! Isn't that cool? Leave me a comment by December 23rd with your favourite camouflaging animal. Tell me what makes the animal interesting. :)

There's a contest up at DownLoadNGo...but I think it may be over by the time I get this posted. :( Sorry about that.

As part of the DownLoadNGo Review Team I received a copy of for my free and honest review. I liked it and hope to finish it in the new year with my eager animal lover son.

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