Library book - December 7

Farm fresh cats - scott santoro

The lad just LOVES this book, and I have to admit, it's a good read for me too. If you have a child who likes cats..get this book out. If you have a child who likes the unexpected...get this book out. It is a fun read. We get this book out over and over and over again, and everytime we read it he's right there looking at the pages and listening actively.

Justin says "I love cats! There is too much cats in it!" (with a huge grin)

Meow - Judy Reinen

Justin says "I love the cats in it".
And this book is full of cats, some in funny places. Makes a lad smile. :)

have you seen birds - by joanne oppenheim

I got this book out because the illustrations were done by barbara reid, and she lives up to her standard. BUT it ended up being a good book. Inspired the boy child to act out the different birds using his stuffed animals.

Justin says "there are too many birds. That it starts with a cat!"

I am Canada - heather patterson

Not a bad book at all. Introduces children doing different things in this beloved country of ours. As Justin says about this book "I AM CANADA". :)

Room for Rabbit - Roni Schotter

This book was oft requested. It's about a child dealing with the after-affects of divorce. Wasn't sure about introducing that topic to Justin but overall he was more curious about what rabbit had to say to his little girl.

Justin says "that rabbit says there's not enough room"

Wish Come True Cat - Ragnhild Scamell

Sometimes wishes come true in ways we don't expect.
Justin says "that a cat goes thump on a window" :)

The other goose - judith kerr

This book is a fun read about a lonely goose. It performs a good deed and gets an interesting reward because of an observant little girl.
Justin says "that the goose things there's a goose in the car!"

Spring Thaw - steven schnur

this book makes me think I could make a unit study or lap book out of it. A decent book with different observations about a spring thaw.
Justin says "there's a horse in it".

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