London's Children's Museum

Today we went to the London's Children's Museum. We stopped at McD's for a late lunch afterwards, and the lad played on the play centre afterwards.

The lad played and Played with a boy called Kyan. Kyan is four and they just had a blast together. They met at the dinasaur pit and just clicked.

So he learned cooperative play! He expressed his creativity. We played rough and tumble dinasaur's and then he had fun burying them in sand. This turned into wash and then dry them at Kyan's request. I made a rubbing of a dinosaur skin while they played. Then off the two boys went while grampa, Jim and I tagged along. Tried on Firemen suits. Then off to play in the space center, the kitchen, and doctor's office and in the treehouse. Just action and moving and chatter. They had an excellent time.
Justin and Kyan had to teach Tom (the bad cat from our night time stories) to NOT eat rabbits. So they rushed around finding all kinds of good foods for Tom to eat so that he would learn to be nice. They succeeded! :)

They were both goobs. They would run and then just fall for no apparent reason. Parents with girl children would stop and gasp. Those of us with boys just smiled and shook our heads. :) It was actually kinda funny having that 'kinship' in parenting that way. :)

Both boys were sad when they ran out of energy. We chose to leave and go for a late lunch, Kyan stayed behind to snack with grandpa.

Just a nice day out for all concerned.

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