Today I had a boy NOT wanting to homeschool at all.

So we did fun homeschooling today. :)

We used plasticine and we used it to make some different shape.

BUT I CAN"T was the frequent response.
So I would show him, and explain that plasticine is nice, if you make a mistake, you can just squish and try again (he's a perfectionist type). We had fun learning that boxes are squares all connected together. That balls are spheres which are circles all rounded out. That rectangles are like squares that have been pushed out longer and sometimes flatter. That ovals are circles that have been flattened a bit. and so on and so forth.

and then we put them together in different robot shapes.

AND after that we walked around the living room looking for the different shapes throughout the living room and kitchen. Shapes are EVERYWHERE. :) Sometimes they are hidden and sometimes two shapes are in the same place.
Stars: in the tree, at the door, in "bunny town"

These two cylinders are dancing together.
We found cylinders in candles, for light posts, as markers, and more.

We also played a game for a construction equipment study that we have. We used construction pieces that the lad built out of lego as our game pieces. :) He won both matches, much to my chagrin.

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