Suncatchers and the Nutcracker

First to make suncatchers/borax crystal things. I want to do this with Justin. :) Found that blog through the homeschool carnival.

Carnival of Homeschooling

anyways, today we went to see the Nutcracker. I've never been to a ballet before and I found this just fun to watch. Wow... never expected ballet dancers to sound so loud. :) I enjoyed watching the students put on this performance. They didn't do it perfectly but they did it good enough for me. :) Justin had brought his paper and pencil as he's apt to do when going to new things he's not sure he'll like. He put them away and watched. he asked questions and was curious. he thought it quite interesting and fun. It was put on by the Dance Steps Studio of London. Jim attended with us.

Afterwards we dropped off some bunnies, then went to the mall as we were supposed to meet someone there. Then went to Mcd's for lunch where we unexpectedly met up with a couple of homeschool moms and their children. Justin had fun playing with them. We had wanted to dine at the Mandarin but they are on holiday pricing now so they've jacked their prices up. I dislike that practice, but what can one do? Simply refuse to eat there.

Then we went to Costco to pick up items for our open house on the weekend.

Upon return home we made a gingerbread house and that for the most part summed up our day.

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