Things Justin wants to do....

Stained Glass Jesus Craft. I found this site through Totally Tots.
Justin in establishing the parameters for this craft. Mommy, does it have to have words on it? can I put bunnies on it? what about a hare? Can I do something different?
Me --- You can do whatever you want buddy, as long as we can make it, and make it fit on the paper.
J --- oh, yes, I want to make it!

Nativity Pop Up Cards
Once again, he needed to establish the parameters around this. Could he make it different? Did it have to be a people picture or could he make it with bunnies, or cats, or robots ..... I figure it's a craft, and yes I want to encourage biblical knowledge, but it's a craft. :)

Preschool Christmas crafts.
he was intrigued by these as well.

This one I'm to print off tonight and get ready for him so he can help gramma with it tomorrow.

He wants to do this one as well. :)

I haven't had a chance to go through all the links on this page yet, but I"m sure some of them will intrigue the lad.

The Compound words one intrigues me, but it isn't something that he is ready for at this point.

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