Winter Wonders and Lego

Today we learned about deciduous trees and Evergreen trees. Snow and ice and Lego and patience. :)

We started working on the Winter Wonders unit study/lap book from DownLoadNGo. You can also get it from The Old Schoolhouse store, where you will find it here for $7.95. We did day one and day two. Not all of it, but most of it. It was actually fun. I made Justin write out the words that he could. He's very good at copying letters just as I write them... So I'm TRYING to be neater in my writing! Sometimes I think that's a lost cause though.

Day one consisted of learning about Seasons.
Day two consisted of learning about Snowflakes. :)

and yes, it was a bit more involved than that, but basically that's what we focused on. :) AND since it is winter here, we went
tobogganing on the SNOW! :) We had a WHOLE lot of fun tobogganing, other children were out in the hill too which of course made it all the better. I've decided I need to lose some weight so I fit into my splash pants again. :)

We are hoping tomorrow to go visit the London's Children's museum in the late morning, early afternoon, but in the morning I want to see about getting the lad to paint with ice cubes. See if it's possible to do that as an experiment. Should be interesting. It was suggested as a fun activity through the DNG study. Found it here.

OH! How did the lego fit into all of this? the Lad got lego for Christmas. I wanted something bigger to keep it in so I bought some bins on Monday and today we sorted them out and played and talked. it was a good time to go over again what we learned during the study. We had some fun figuring out what evergreens are called. I said.. Are they called everblacks? NO!!!! was the laughter back to me.. they are evergreens mommy! they are green not black! :) It was a good moment. We sorted and talked and played, and then went outside and played some more. We also had some of Dad's fresh made bread...YUMMY!

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