Friction Experiment #1

So we joined supercharged Science for a month.

Cost us a $1 so it was no biggie to do this.

Today we did an experiment on Friction.

We took a book, we took a bunch of different shoes. and then used a ruler to see how high we could get the book cover to rise before the shoe started to slide.

We had some surprises!

1. daddy's new show and daddy's old shoe. both the same brand of shoe. The old one slid at 11 the new slid at 13.5. The only difference we could find in the shoe was the old one had more wear on the sole of the shoe.

2. Justin's crocks and flip flops. The blue ones slid at 11.5, the purple at 12 and his flip flops at 10.5. the flip flops weigh the most so we THINK that is why they slid faster, but why the purple slid later.. we could not figure that one out. the purple and blue are the same weight, the purple has little gems on it so my boy thinks that is why it slid later.

3. mommy's church sandal is fatter (wider) and flatter than her work shoe. It should have slid later, but it slid at 9, while her work shoes slid at 12. WHY??? Her work shoe weighs more but the sole is bumpier...could the weight have made the difference?

But it was very interesting for a five year old boy child.