Letter B lapbook

I started with the base unit idea from Lapbook Lessons. But then "tweaked" it.

I added a bee poem/song (he put a line through all the b's)
I added a hand poem ... you know.. the types were your hands show that actions of the poem.
Then the DLTK's mini book on B

Used Enchanted Learning's B page to generate a pile of B words.

He did a couple of pages of copying out B's. This one, and then this one.

Oh, we also found what Justin thought was a VERY neat Letter B that he wanted to put on the front of his lapbook. It's all done in bricks. :) He wanted to be able to colour it, but we couldn't figure out (as in I couldn't figure out) how to do it so that he could. And I couldn't find something similar for him. So we went with what we could manage.

If I can I'll add pictures of the final product.

It took us the morning to get it done, but we had fun and he can now spell "b".

Did you know that the capital B is like a 3 with a line in front of it? Telling the lad that made it make SO much sense to him. :)

We added Duct tape to the outside of it so we could stick it into a binder. He wants to show gramma what he did! :)

TOS - homeschooler bundles

Hey! I just learned about these homeschooler bundles that TOS has put together. They sound like an excellent product to get!

New Homeschooler Bundles™ are on sale now in the Schoolhouse Store. Designed specifically for new homeschoolers, each Bundle provides a wealth of information and encouragement. Bundles are available in six different collections for Elementary, Middle School, High School, Preschool, Special Needs and Multi-level students.

The Old Schoolhouse® is committed to serving your bundles of joy who are growing up into fine boys and girls, men and women, and with that commitment in mind, we have an announcement of our own—the arrival of six New Homeschooler Bundles™, six collections of handpicked products and resources for brand-new homeschooling parents.

The team at The Old Schoolhouse® is here to reassure you, “Yes, you CAN do it!” We know you can, and God knows you can, or He wouldn’t have called you to this course of action. Your children are gifts from God, and we are firmly convinced—by the Scriptures—that God’s very best means of educating those children is at the hands of their Godly parents. That’s you.

Each of the New Homeschooler Bundles™ represents a value of at least $500,
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Each of the New Homeschooler Bundles™ include the following items:
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Each of the New Homeschooler Bundles™ also includes several age-specific, educational, and inspirational E-books to assist you in your homeschool journey.

Select the Bundle that will best meet your needs (or select two or three Bundles of joy), and get busy! Scoop up these Bundles and begin to enjoy the fruit of others’ labor, others who have “been there and done that” and want to encourage you with their insights and wisdom, individuals whose roots have grown deep and strong.

Old Schoolhouse Expo

I bought the CD's to this event, not the tickets to the live event since I don't have the best of speakers on my computers. This way I can download and go to where I do have decent speakers. I think it sounds like a good event so go check it out.

Mark your calendars! The Schoolhouse Expo is quickly approaching.

Attendees will learn from fantastic speakers like:
Jon Taylor Gatto (keynote)
Dr. Jay Wile Todd Wilson
Diana Waring Carol Barnier
Andrew Pudewa Hal and Melanie Young
Zan Tyler Molly Green
Mary Jo Tate Karen “Spunky” Braun
Lee Binz Dianne Craft
Kim Kautzer Deborah Wuehler
Jeannie Fulbright Heidi St. John
Amanda Bennett Tricia Goyer

Attendees will also receive over $240 in E-book gift. Attendees also have a chance to win over 60 door prizes!

The Schoolhouse Expo will keep your ears busy with an incredible array of more than seventeen speakers for a fantastic, online, five-day audio feast! Covering a vast amount of information, you’ll hear about ways to improve your homeschool, ask your questions directly to the experts, and meet and chat with homeschooling parents from all over the world--all from the comfort of your home.

We bring the speakers right to you! It doesn't matter if you live in the states or internationally, you will benefit from the Schoolhouse Expo as you enjoy five days of interactive Internet experience with dynamic speakers, a virtual vendor hall, fabulous physical door prizes, and a virtual goodie bag filled with over 20 downloads for every attendee!

Are you flexible? We are! The Schoolhouse Expo lets you attend the sessions you choose and continue with your day-to-day schedule, while also offering the audio downloads of each session after the conference, so you can listen to every session at your convenience—repeatedly. The MP3 downloads are included in your ticket price. Never miss an important point. Remind yourself a year from now by reviewing the experience, and still receive the benefit of years of experience shared by amazing presenters throughout the Expo—both homeschool heroes and popular vendors!

Mark your calendars:
Monday, October 4 - Friday, October 8

TOS- Schoolhouse planner

Don't know if you all recall that I talked about the school house planner I received to review? Well, here's the link if you don't recall.

Anyways, I got this blurb from the old schoolhouse:
Have you seen our new Student Planners? So far, the response has been wonderful. Student Planners are a hot item in the Schoolhouse Store, proving that organization is a skill that parents want their children to learn. Student Planners are available in four grade levels and are now available for immediate download upon purchase! Plus, through October 17, there are two free e-gifts with each Student Planner purchase. Especially popular is the Pick 2 Bundle item—there is a slight discount for purchasing two different levels of Student Planner. Your readers will want to know about this wonderful organizational resource.