Passing forward links...

I think it was homeschooling mom who gave me this sites so I'm just passing them along.

GeekMom has this neat way of helping students gain map knowledge.

families on the road.
The purpose of the roadschooling pages is not to duplicate the hundreds of thousands of homeschooling sites and resources that are already available. But to arm those who live and work with their kids on the road with educational resources, no matter what form of homeschooling your family prescribes to.
Sixty Symbols. Videos about the symbols of physics and astronomy.

The History Game Canada

I have to admit, this really intrigues me....

It's the history game Canada.

AND you can even download it for free!
from the FAQ

The History Game Canada is a mod pack for Civ3 Conquest v1.22 and Civ3 Complete that is based on the History of Canada. It is intended as a playable fun addition to the Civilization game with a wealth of custom Canadian content. It’s very much a game of ‘What if ...?”; where players can toy with outcomes, now etched in history, but once hanging in the balance. It explores the parameters of history rather than the events, and allows players to live questions like … ”What if the Huron had displaced the 5 Nations Confederacy rather than the other way around?”; or “What if the French had retained Canada, and the English colonies to the East and South had failed to prosper?”

You’ll need a copy of Civilzation III Conquests (patched to version 1.22) or a copy of Civilization III Complete. Then you just have to download and install the game pack, check out the videos and resources on the website, and get started.

days of Homeschooling

Sketch Tuesday Artwork - something that begins with "R"

This week's assignment. Draw something that begins with "R"

I thought hmmm.. something that begins with R... what in the world can I draw that begins with an R? Rolling pin came to me in church this morning.. and I seriously thought about it... but curves not so good at them... hmmm... okay, let's continue thinking... I ended up doing a roof. seemed simple enough. Justin's verdict "pretty good for a beginner". :) But then he had to finish the rest of the building. :)

Justin's R word.
let me explain this one. I thought he might like to do a picture of a rabbit but I wanted it to be HIS idea, so I started him giving him "R" words. Roof, rat, ribbit, etc (thinking he'd say rabbit). He got captured by the idea of how do you draw a sound? So...he drew the sound waves of a frog saying "ribbit". :)

As always, they'll be published on Tuesday at Harmony Mom Sketch Tuesday's site.