Molly's October Digest

I got Molly's Money-Saving Digest for free in exchange for reviewing it. I've never seen one of Molly's Digests before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

She starts off the digest with a variety of recipes, they look pretty decent. She also included this REALLY neat bird wall thing that I just thought was very cool and made me think that even I could do something nifty like that for my walls. :) Following this was a menu plan to help you maximize your food... so using leftovers to make a brand new meal and such like. Some of those recipes looked downright yummy.

Knowing that it was on Socks, Suds and Savings made me somewhat skeptical. Why on earth would I want to read something about laundry? After all laundry is something one does once a week, and you just get her done.. one doesn't dwell on it. :)

It's packed full of information.. from how to sort, how to read labels, to tips to help you not have to do as much ironing (which incidentally I despise doing and tend to totally not do). It is just chock full of links to various sites as well.

I can't say I learned a whole lot new as my mother took her job seriously about teaching me homemaking skills BUT I did indeed learn something new and even my hubby learned it as I excitedly turned around and told him that we could make our own wooler balls! (as opposed to buying those expensive blue plastic things). :)

I did wish that the children's sorting area had been increased a bit, to make the explanation fuller. But overall I thought it was a product well put together, and for those in need of laundry assistance, to definitely pick it up for themselves.

You can purchase your very own copy by going here.

Library books - October 5

It's Moving day by Pamela Hickman

The lad likes this book. He asks questions. He learns some facts, though not all are accurate. It starts as it finishes and he really thinks that is interesting.

It is a blue Spruce award book.

Benjamin's Balloon by Alan Baker

A favourite of the lad. He likes the borrow the phrase "not bad for a beginner". Just catches his fancy.

Tiger Can't Sleep by S.J. Fore

This is a fun book. It has a tiger in it, so life is good. As Justin says "he's a silly cat!" The closing always brings a smile.

When Stella was very, very small by Marie-Louise Gay

Another Blue Spruce award book, the lad found this book intriguing the first couple of times we read it, but he hasn't requested, picked it out, or wanted me to pick it out since then. I thought it a decent read for the under 8 crowd.

You can't rush a cat by Karleen Bradford

The boy loves this book, and it's one that an adult could enjoy reading to their child as well. Fairly deserving of being a blue spruce award book. That little cat is just TOO intriguing.

Little Lions by Jim Arnosky

This book is a huge favourite. We've had this book out for ages and ages. Just loved this book. It's a simple read, good contrasts, and caused questions to be asked. Good book.

Tiger by Nick Butterworth

Yes, we got tiger out again. A favourite of our boy. A young tabby cat who wants to act like a tiger. Good book. Just loves this book and has it well memorized.

Hardworking Puppies by Lynn Reiser

A battle I think will ensue between a boy and his father. We plan to get a dog in the spring...the boy wants a beagle. HE LOVES the beagle, he's met three and this book has a beagle in it and therefore is a oft requested read. The boy's father says NO BEAGLES! :) It shall be interesting to see how this one turns out. :)

The Subway Mouse by Barbara Reid

What an enjoyable book to read. It's another blue spruce award book. The lad enjoys this book. I read it and wonder hmmm... could I turn this into a lapbook or unit study??? :)

Tigers - Kate Petty

an informative book, the lad enjoyed reading it as a supplement to our Tigers unit study by DownloadNGo.

Stanley's Wild ride by Linda Bailey

An enjoyable read, it's another blue spruce award book. An oft requested read by the lad.

How hot was it? by Jane Barclay.

Fun fun fun. This is just a fun read. A blue spruce award book.

Stanley at Sea by Linda Bailey

Like the other Stanley book, this one has been well enjoyed by a boy child. Caused questions to be asked which I always like. :)

Fly Guy books by tedd arnold

if you haven't met the fly guy books yet... go get 'em. They are fun read and the young crowd thoroughly enjoys them. The librarians at the London library recommended them to us. :)

The F Team by Anne Laurel Carter

The lad was unimpressed by this book. He just didn't like it...couldn't even finish reading the book. Also a blue spruce award book, but this one was a no go.

The Farm Team by Linda Bailey

Read this book twice with the lad, but the lad didn't really like it. The big bear...the boy didn't like him. "he's bad mommy".

Little Bunny's Pacifer Plan by Boelts

The lad likes this book. I'm hoping to use it as an encouragement to give up the thumb sucking. :) We'll probably get it out again since the lad likes it so much.

What we Learned today - October 5

Making a "i love candy corn" poem booklet. (and listening to various renditions of it throughout the rest of the day).

Painting (see earlier post today)
While the boy painted I served a secondary role
1. folding laundry in the kitchen while he painted
2. conversation maker
3. paint stirrer

Fractions - 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 while cutting up an apple for lunch

Proportions - while mixing paint colours together

Gifts in use

When my parents church closed they had leftover Sunday school items. The church gifted some of those items to me, and I in turn passed some of them along as well.

Today we made use of those of those items... paper from a very large roll and paint brushes.

To those items we added some tempura paints that I got off one of the local freecycle type groups yesterday.

The lad had fun
1. mixing colours
2. figuring what size of paint brush he wanted to use for each colour
3. painting a BIG picture.

I absolutely adore getting stuff for free. Doesn't matter what, if it's free I like it and can probably figure out something to do with it, or a place to pass it along too. But what I love even more is finding good uses to put that stuff to.

Paint, Paper and a homeschooled five year old boy... GOOD USE! :)

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