ABC Teach

ABC Teach

This site intrigues. Not sure enough to enroll in it, but I'm going to give it some thought none the less.

it does have a freebie section that I'll be perusing.

TOS is having a sale

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Classic Children's Books

The Best Online Classic Children's Books

All different types.

Looks intriguing.

Mammoth Math - resources

Tons of mammoth math resources.

Divided by category.

Go check it out. :)

Geometry games.


This Site is neat.

Gives all the math things that a child is to know in Kindergarten. Very neat. :)
it's also very neat that they give examples of what they mean in case you have no earthly clue. (face it...kindergarten was a fair time ago). :)

Numbers and counting up to 3

Data and graphs



The Gallon man

I thought this was a good idea. Thought I'd share it with you too. :) The Gallon Man.

Do you need a way to remember unit conversion effortlessly and forever? Or just a way to calculate how many cups there are in a gallon?

Here’s how to figure it out. Draw a gallon man!

First, draw a really big capital G. (This is the gallon.)

Inside the G, draw four big Qs. (These are the quarts.)

Inside each Q, draw two Ps. (These are the pints.)

Inside each P, draw two cs. (These are the cups.)

For the final flourish, draw an arrow to one of the cs and write “8 ounces.” (There are eight ounces in every cup.)


Gallon Man is totally visual and works for many learning styles. You can SEE how many quarts are INSIDE a gallon. Gallon Man is intuitive for all grade levels (unlike dimensional analysis, you don’t have to worry about the numerators or denominators). Gallon Man is practical. You can use it in your kitchen or in the grocery store. Gallon Man is easy to remember. And Gallon Man is fun to draw!

Terrific Tigers - Day Four

Today we did day four of the terrific tigers unit study. You can buy it from download N go right here. :) OR from the Old Schoolhouse.

Did you know that there are only 12-90 Amoy (South Chinese) Tigers left in the world? At the most there are 30 in the wild, the rest are in zoos or on reserves. The lad learned that this means that the amoy tiger is endangered.

Our bathroom is as long as a male south chinese tiger is long.

We had fun roaring through the house today. The lad went upstairs to each room and roared. I sat at the computer and listened. Then it was my turn. He stayed at the top of the stairs listening for my roar. He couldn't hear me from the back bathroom. In the wild a tiger roar can be heard for 2 miles!

We had fun though a lad with a cold had a hard time staying on task today. :) He'll spend most of the rest of the day relaxing and rebuilding his energies. Lots of fluid and couch rest. :)