Socialization? what of it?

Miss M over at 24 Carrot Rabbitry wrote a piece on Socialization. I thought she did an excellent job. :)

My thoughts on socialization....

1. can my boy talk with other people regardless of age?
2. can my boy play with other people regardless of age?
3. can my boy play nicely with other people, and if they aren't nice can he tell them that OR come to me for assistance?
4. can my boy display polite and appropriate behaviour?

Other than that...I worry not.
I'd rather keep him at home and avoid
1. nasty teachers
2. bullying
3. inept teachers
4. education that he doesn't need to have without a solid Christian basis for explaining it. (aka...some things are sin and therefore is wrong, so hate the sin because it separates the person from God, but love the person none-the-less).