What we Learned today - November 17

We continued to work on our Ben Franklin unit study from DownLoad'nGo.

We did most of day two today, modifying it a bit to make it workable for a five year.

instead of making a trade sign for ben franklin's print shop, he made a trade sign for his "robot maker shop" that he wants to be when he grows up. I thought it fitting enough. :)

We also didn't worry about definitions too much. My lad has a rather nasty cold and it just wasn't sinking into his head regardless of how many times I read it over....does he at five really need to understand a colony or a founding father? Didn't think so. :)

DID discover a problem. They asked us to put an 'x' on the world map for where philadelphia was...but the link they sent was for a small part of the US, but the world map was in a much different scale so we just couldn't figure this morning. This is something I would like changed with this particular exercise.

This afternoon we're going to London to be part of a new homeschool group. We're making and decorating shoeboxes for Christmas. :)

What we Learned today - November 16

Well...we learned that the lad's bunny Peek-a-Mommy is a good first time mommy. She had seven kits in a nicely made nest. :) Peek-a-mommy is a vienna marked New Zealand bunny and as such obviously isn't a purebred. But she's a good bunny for the lad. :)

We started to work on our Ben Franklin unit study from DownLoad'nGo. I honestly didn't think we'd enjoy reviewing this study, but to our surprise we did! The lad practiced writing, colouring, drawing. He learned that sometimes different webpages will give different information and its not always easy to find the correct answer. He practiced listening closely to videos to get answers. Not always so easy to do, but a necessary skill. We had fun with writing out the word draw. He got it right the first time, and then the next two times wrote out dram, and so the third time he asked for (and received) help in getting the "w" right. He's a boy who worries about having the right answers, so it's better to have fun with mistakes and keep the learning going rather than correct over something that is a child learning writing skill set.

We learned the grey squirrel was imported by Ben to England where they proceeded to give the native red squirrel a run for the money. (not a good thing that) and he even wrote a poem about a squirrel. :)

We headed off in the afternoon to go to gym time with the homeschool group HOPE from Stratford. We got there a bit late but the lad had fun.

We got back home with a tired lad who ended up taking a half hour nap while watching Corner Gas and still went to bed easily at 8 p.m. I really wish we could fight off this cold.

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Library Books to Return - November 17

Fox walked alone

what an excellent book. The lad enjoyed this one so much he almost has it completely memorized. it's a noah's ark story.

Scaredy Squirrel

This book was just a fun read about a very silly squirrel. Generated questions of "why does he wash his hands?" "why is he scared so that?"

There's a cow under my bed!

Another silly book that had the boy looking serious and sucking his thumb. Not a lot of comments made, but lots of intense listening.

A Pioneer Thanksgiving.

I got this book out for the craft and game ideas, never did get around to it as it's been a busy three weeks, complete with a cold. Some good stuff in it though, also read one story to the lad which kept him curious and interested.

Wake Up Henry Rooster!

Another just fun read. An easy to read story about a fun loving rooster, inspired lots of crowing by the lad at night when we read it.

Miko, It was me, Mom!

a good read, entertaining. Inspired questions. Talked about burglars, and why some things are bad and other things are right.

Nobody's Nosier than a cat

We have had this book out so many times. A favourite of my cat-loving lad. it's a fun read, you get to watch a cat chase a mouse throughout the book. The lad has it 90% memorized and KNOWS when I miss a page.

A dog for a friend

Requested twice to read by the lad, this book is a quieter book with a surprise in it. Caused a "huh?" from the lad. It's a longer read so not one I chose as a bed time story, more of a day time story book which is when I chose to read it.

Clara and the bossy

The lad surprised me with this one, he chose it several times to read as a night time story. it's a good read about friendships and being yourself.

Camels Always Do.

This is a true stories about camels in Canada. I found it quite interesting, the lad less so. "I don't like camels Mommy" he told me with all seriousness.

Spark the firefighter

Would YOU think of a dragon being a firefighter? I wouldn't. Read the book to find out why. :)

Two Dogs Swimming

This is a make me smile book. Caused the lad to pose questions as well. It's a decent read about two best friend dogs with one small problem.