The lad enjoys going to gymnastics. When told he was going to gymnastics today I got a very enthusiastic "YIPPEE" complete with disappointment that we were going to Wal-mart first. We were half an hour early for gymnastics so needed to find someway to keep ourselves busy. :)

He had a good time today and did his first completely unassisted back flip through the rings today. :)

We got him signed up and paid for a new session starting in January. He'll be with a different group of children this time, the 6-8 year olds, but his coach says he's ready to be with them. He listens well and can complete most of what is asked for.

I'm glad that he has fun, I'm thrilled that he's learning new things, and I'm pleased that he has such a positive attitude to learning from a person different than mommy.

Marble Run

My thanks to 22 Words for this.